Glass… part 1…

a 2

‘Well, Arthur, that doesn’t look like glass to me’, I can hear you all muttering to yourselves.imageedit_1_9001763846

‘Well, I suppose that neon lights are indeed tubes filled with neon gas, so I guess this really is a picture of some glass’, you might be thinking.


‘Well, that is certainly beautiful, but it doesn’t look like glass to me’, is what I am guessing you are now thinking.


‘Oh come on now, that can’t be glass… you are just messing with us’, is what you want to say now, to which I reply: ‘Oh, but it is glass… and I don’t think I like your tone!’.

a 1

But this post is all about glass. This is one of those macro photos I took of a project from my glass blowing class. And I took it using two glass lenses in my camera.

z 18

Not only that, but I took the photos on a glass-topped table in my backyard. Throw in a few magical digital filters, and we are making art from glass, the making of which constituted art, as did the photography itself! So there.

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