A closer look… part 16…

a 1

I do have a correction to make. In the last post in this series, in which I am playing around with macro photography, I said that I had used the smallest of the macro lens spacers. The 20mm is not, it turns out, the smallest one.

a 2

These photos are taken with the smallest one… the 12mm.

a 3

I am still not sure which of the three sizes take the best close up macro photos.

a 4

Or if it is possible to take photos just like these with the correct distancing of the camera with a regular or zoom lens…

a 5

But I know I love these photos.

a 6

I am still planning on taking some macro photos of stuff around the house and garden, and then cropping them down to one very small area, and turning it into a game where you have to guess what the photos are of.

a 7

I might also take the macro lenses down to that pavilion in Balboa Park in San Diego, and take some macro pictures of those crazy-beautiful orchids they grow there.

a 8

Who doesn’t want to get up close and personal with some orchid sexy bits?

a 9

I do also agree with my older daughter, who says that most of these photos seem a little on the dark side. Sticking the lens right up against stuff tends to cut off the light source. Yes, I can lighten them up in Photoshop, but for now, I am just getting used to the macro lens spacer thingies.

a 10

These are all pictures of that ‘fire bowl’ I made in my glass blowing class.

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