Making Art’s art even more arty… part 9…

a 1

I know, it is hard to believe that is a picture of one of the projects from my glass blowing class… but it is…

a 2

I had so much fun with the last post… and that kaleidoscope effect… that I used it again.

a 3

This is actually a photo of that ‘fire bowl’ I made.

a 4

But I added an extra step this time, before doing the other effects.

a 5

There is the photo of the fire bowl I used.

a 6

Then I added a water effect, that gives those weird patterns that you see on walls around swimming pools on a sunny day, or from a lit pool at night.

a 7

Then, I did the kaleidoscope effect on that image. Nice, but a little too orange.

a 8

Then I used that image for the rest of these.

a 9

And I have to say…

a 10

I like the way they turned out.

a 11

And to top it all off…

a 12

I added the animated kaleidoscope effect. HA!

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You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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4 Responses to Making Art’s art even more arty… part 9…

  1. chris jensen says:

    Just lov,
    that new toy..

    Don’t you?

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