I don’t suck at blowing glass!!!

a 1

I finally got to pick up my first two glass blowing projects! If you are interested in how glass blowing happens, I did a post about that already. But now we get to see how the finished projects look once they are cooled and the colors are set.

a 2

I know, it is just a paper weight/objectd’art, and a simple flower vase, but I love them. I loved making them. I love holding them.

a 3

I love that picture. I set them on the table that I use for so much other art. It is a tall, round bar table. I carve tikis on that table. I write my novels and children’s books on that table. I am typing this blog post on that table. I also stained and varnished that table.

a 4

When I was making the vase, I came up with the idea of leaving the top edge like that. I pulled the soft glass out into leaf shapes. I have signed up for two more classes, and I hope to make a bunch of vases like this for Christmas presents.

a 5

The paper weight thing was my very first project. I made a weird, blobby shape, adding colors, using tools to cut and twist the glass. The teacher then encased it in the big, clear outer shell.

a 6

As is often true with photography, I don’t think the pictures capture the essence of the art.

a 7

The swirling colors dance with the sunlight.

a 8

I was so excited I forgot to even wipe the finger prints off them.

a 9

The vase isn’t symmetrical, but I love that too. Nature isn’t symmetrical. I think it will look good full of flowers, and I can’t wait to make more. I also have more photos of these coming… so… uh… yeah…



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6 Responses to I don’t suck at blowing glass!!!

  1. Elyse says:

    Beautiful Art, Art!

  2. Very nice, Art! Keep that going; looks like a great hobby!

  3. Bill Chance says:

    Beautiful work – I have always been fascinated by glass blowing.

    Thanks for sharing.

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