More fun with the artwork from my children’s books… part 1…


I got that from this…

a 1

It was already a nice work of art. It is the back cover of my book for kids called: The Lonely Little Wizard… available over there—> in the sidebar… in the link…

If you are interested in how I did the original, it is simple. I scanned a work of art I did that was a picture of jungle foliage that I burned into a piece of plywood and then painted with thick T-shirt paint, oil paints, and watercolor paints. In Photoshop I added the little characters who show up in the book. I may have done posts about all this back when I was preparing the book for self-publication.

If you want to know how I changed that image into the one up at the top, it was even easier. In fact, it took a few simple clicks in a free program available to all of you. You can ask me where to find it if you care to. You can do this kind of stuff to any of your photos or images.


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