Why yes, that is real hair…


No… it isn’t human hair… I got it by brushing our dog, then hot-glued it on…


Okay, for those of you who are new here, I will backtrack a bit. I got these two little Dia De Los Muertos skulls… (that were made in China)… that had plants on top of them. I named them Cuca and Racha. The plants died. I guess glue isn’t good for plants. I did a series of posts on things I could replace the dead plants with. And then I was brushing the dog… and… well…

It might not be a permanent fix, but I sort of like it.


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12 Responses to Why yes, that is real hair…

  1. Made in China…? No wonder they look so different from the ones available at the local bakery here in Los Angeles – authentically made by Latinos (~.^)

  2. Al says:

    I think one of these should be replaced with the shrunken head of a certain world leader with a horrendous comb over wig.

  3. Lucy Brazier says:

    Your dog has the same colour hair as me. Also it very much suits the little skull.

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