The best Easter ever…

Any day you meet a baby horse is a good day.

a 10Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

Okay, so in my attempt to keep myself busy so I do not drive you all crazy talking about how my book got published, I am going to tell you about our Easter instead. It was pretty awesome. I didn’t take pictures of  most of it, because it was just too weird. So while I describe it to you, I will show you pictures I took on the same day. We went up to Fallbrook, about an hour outside of San Diego, to My wife’s Aunt and Uncle’s house. They have a neighbor who has lots of animals. One of her horses, Maddy, just had a baby four days ago. The baby is named Snippers.

a 9I know I have told you all that babies and dogs love me. Now you can see that even a brand new pony loves me…

a 8He let me pet him. So what made this day so special? Well, in the first place, our family is just weird. Now that Mollie is 14, we didn’t have any little kids to hunt for Easter eggs… so Mollie and Jessica and Jessica’s boyfriend and their roommate did the egg hunt. The fact that three out of four are college graduates and in their early twenties wasn’t the weird part of the day though.

The weird part was a party game that Jessica had us all play.

a 7Oh, that is me telling Maddy what a good mom she is.

So this game involves taking pairs of pantyhose and dropping a tennis ball down one of the legs all the way to the foot. Then you tie the pantyhose around your waist letting the leg with the tennis ball in the toes dangle between your feet. It looks a lot like male private parts… really, really long male private parts. The, uhhh…. tip… should just brush the ground. Now you have groups of 4 or 5 players line up, and you set a hard-boiled egg on the ground in front of each person. The object is for each player to roll the egg over a line some distance away with just the tennis ball in a stocking swinging between their legs. You can’t use your hands. You have to do it with pelvic thrusts. And it is not as easy as it sounds.

a 6You really ought to try this game at your next party. Watching other people do it is even more fun than doing it yourself. And any number of people can play if you have enough eggs, pantyhose and tennis balls, or by taking turns. But I guess you can see why nobody wanted me to put pictures of them on the blog doing it.

a 1 aThat’s Dora the donkey. I love that little donkey. Every time we go to Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bert’s house, we go visit the horses and Dora.

a 2I guess it was also a good day because everybody was so excited about my book being published… (Sorry, that just slipped out)… and also because it is my birthday in just a few more days, so I got presents.

a 3That’s Pongo. She is getting old and takes a long time to chew a carrot, but she is so sweet. She likes to have her ears scratched.

Jason, Jessica’s boyfriend, was having us all pose for crazy pictures with a toy light saber we found while cleaning Mollie’s room. I guess he is going to do some funny Star Wars pictures, and I am looking forward to that. We all tried to out-do each other in the poses, and I think Andrew, their roommate is going to win because he was photographed in mid-air jumping off the swing.

a 5Okay, so yeah… Presents, weird games, and a baby horse. Family and friends. That was a pretty good day.

a 4I also took a few pictures of flowers, but I know some of you are still getting snow and I feel sort of bad about posting those… unless you really want me to. Then I could do that tomorrow, you know, to keep me from talking about the book… so much.

Oh, and my wife made me an angel food cake for my birthday, which had chocolate frosting and strawberries dipped in orange chocolate so they looked like carrots. And she also made these little sheep things…

a 1They are chocolate cupcakes with green sprinkles on them for grass. The sheep are powdered donuts with little cookie heads, pretzel legs, and candy faces. You know you want one.

Now read the post below this one… about my book… Using a baby horse as an excuse for slacking off on your reading is just wrong!

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35 Responses to The best Easter ever…

  1. Julie says:

    I would never be able to leave. You should have pre chewed the carrot for Pongo. It’s the least you could have done…. Remember that for next time!

  2. jatwood4 says:

    Foals are just little miracles, aren’t they. How do they ever stand on those spindly legs? Sounds like your Easter was wonderful — I so glad. 😎

  3. What great pictures! But you really ought to mention your book. You’re way too modest.

  4. paralaxvu says:

    Loved all the cute horse and donkey pix! It’s good to know collegians can still have Easter fun hunting eggs. But, um, “pelvic thrusts”? Uh, well, I just, I mean I don’t, uh….

  5. We actually play the same game but instead of tennis balls, we use eggplants, nyaha!

    • Okay, that is just funny. Size really does matter. But can I just say that I won that game. So nyaha indeed! Also, since your bio says you have been waiting for the aliens, can I also just say that my new book is chock full of aliens. And they are even cooler and funnier than you might have thought.

  6. benzeknees says:

    Loved the animal pics & the sheep things – very creative! Your wife is da bomb!

  7. Okay.
    Pencil is sharp.
    Eraser at the ready.
    When does the test begin?

  8. onwindydays says:

    The cupcakes look delicious…

  9. Sounds like an awesome time! Beautiful horses! I love them!

  10. Powdered donuts with little cookie heads, pretzel legs, and candy faces…thank god…I thought the invasion had begun.

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