The very last of my wet web photos… probably…

a 1

These are the very last of those pictures I took where I sprayed some spider webs with mist from a spray bottle, thereby making fake dew.

a 2

I also spray ‘fake dew’ on flowers. If you are in to photography, I suggest you put a small misting bottle in your camera bag.

a 3

I decided not to do any digital magic with these. I saved the best for last, and they speak for themselves.

a 4

However, I might save a few, just in case the crack squirrels that live in my head ever want to do something weird with them.

a 5

But, as photographs go, I am rather proud of these.

a 6

I do feel a little bad about faking the dew part, but it was that or wait for another misty morning.

a 7

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

a 8

Besides, when I did have a misty morning, the light wasn’t as good.

a 9

And these are all about the interplay of light and shadow.

a 10

Okay, full disclosure.  I did crop that one and the next on just a little.

a 11

Some of the web with the sun behind it was a little washed out.

a 12

And I thought the dead insect was distracting. HA!



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