Stolen moments…

a 6

The attractive young lady in the foreground is Lucy. She is the step-daughter of one of my oldest friends. I love her like a daughter… but I still stole these pictures off her Facebook feed. They were taken at my oldest daughter’s wedding. In fact, behind Lucy and the funny-looking, extremely-drunk old dude, you can see Jessica and Jason admiring Jessica’s choice of place settings.

a 5

Also, there is a downside to being treated like one of my own kids. It means I will mess with you. On the right is my buddy Chris, Lucy’s step-father. I have known him since we were like 7-years-old. The house he moved into is the one you see looming above the backyard of the house I grew up in. You have seen him before. In fact, you saw him and his new puppy when I went to the Bay Area to visit my mom recently.


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2 Responses to Stolen moments…

  1. You were intoxicated in that top photo? I just thought that was your everyday look. 🙂

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