Reflecting upon mortality… part 5…

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There is something I love about the Mexican holiday of ‘Dia De Los Muertos’… the Day of the Dead. Celebrating the life of missed loved ones… with tequila.., They aren’t the only culture to do this in one form or another, but they might have the best festivities. And food.

I turned the picture on its side. I just thought it made it more artistic. The artwork is not mine.


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4 Responses to Reflecting upon mortality… part 5…

  1. My paternal grandmother, who was born in Matamoros, México in 1903, would engage in “Día de los Muertos” rituals with some relatives many years ago. My father told me they’d set up little makeshift altars and adorn it with candles and a variety of foods that the deceased liked. He said that, at night, he and his younger brother would often sneak back into the front room of the house where the little makeshift altar was set up and eat some of the food, just for kicks. Those women would see it the next day and believed the spirit of the dead person had actually returned and feasted! My grandfather knew what had happened and went along with the stunt. Apparently, he didn’t care for such antics and would openly criticize my grandmother and anybody else who’d set up those altars.

    My mother says that her maternal grandmother, who was born in México City in 1884, thought it was sinful to do that; not sinful to honor the dead – sinful to set up altars and expect the deceased to return and partake of whatever food and beverages might be on it. She’d apparently get very upset with any relatives who engaged in the practice.

    At its core, “Día de los Muertos” is a time for remembrance of those who have gone before us. I think every culture recognizes that to an extent. Expecting the spirits of the dead to come back and partake in earthly pleasures is just asking for trouble.

    • It has turned into much more of a party here in San Diego. And the artwork stemming from it has really become a popular thing. I did like 50 posts of pictures of painted skulls from back when my English relatives came to visit. The whole series was titled something about Dia De Los Muertos.

  2. acflory says:

    Oh! This is so clever. The image works perfectly with this technique.

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