some pictures… of some stuff…

a 10

So, we went up to my wife’s aunt and uncle’s place in Fallbrook, just north of San Diego.

a 11

See, I feel like by now you should now who Uncle Bert and Aunt Sharon are… they have a dog, Riley, who is best friends with our dog, and I post about that… we go camping with them, and I post about it… we go to their house a lot, and I post about it…

a 13

They also have a lot of weird, cool stuff…

a 14

Like this train set in their big garage/barn…

a 15

Bert put all this together, and printed up all the little signs, and made a bunch of funny stuff to go in it… there is even a plastic bubble that you can crawl under the table and stick your head up through…

a 16

I noticed, when I was sizing these pictures, that I must have still had the macro setting on my camera set, which explains why some background stuff is blurry, but you get the idea. At their old house, which is about a mile from this house, Bert had a train that ran on a track set on a shelf than ran along all the walls of their upper story… and that is the house that my wife and I got married at…

a 17

They also had an antique barber chair at that house… and they still have this antique self-propelled wheel chair…

a 18

Which all the kids love, but the reason I mentioned my wife and I getting married at their old house, is because my daughter, Jessica, and her new… (well, he isn’t new, but the fiancé status is new)… fiancé were there this weekend, visiting from Arizona, and they are going to get married at this house…

a 19

There is Jessica, with Jason helping to pace off how much room they have for tables and chairs and parking and whatnot…

a 20

But this time, we were mostly there because my daughters are each turning a year older.

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14 Responses to some pictures… of some stuff…

  1. Paul says:

    As an aside Art, Blog Woman!!! posted Part 1 of a two part series of mine this morning at if you have the time and desire, I would be honored if you dropped by for a read. Thank you.

  2. Al says:

    Meccano and cakes. You can never go wrong with that combination.

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  4. Elyse says:

    That’s a great thing to do. My husband and I got married in the church his mom and dad married in. It’s a great tradition. I’m glad they’re doing it for you and your wife. It meant a lot to John’s parents.

  5. Paul says:

    So cool. Some of the most interesting people are the most eccentric or have neat hobbies. By the way you are one of a very small group of Americans who-can honestly say they traveled UP to San Diego. **Insert Raspberry Here**

    • See, I don’t pay attention to the way they happen to face a globe or a map… if I go from San Diego to the bay area, they are both at sea level, so I am going ‘over’ there… and since there are hills that go up and down in each direction, I can say I am going up to the Bay Area or down to the Bay Area… then I go back over to San Diego…

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