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Back to where I started…

This blog was originally about sharing all the art I have done over the years, the convoluted secretions of my weird all-art-side-of-the-braininess. So in a while, I am going to post a little story I did when I was still a teen. It is … Continue reading

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What are we doing here?… Part 3

We are all reaching out! That is what we are doing here. We are looking for contact, for connection. We hunger to be acknowledged. We thirst to be recognized. To be approved of. We want to be liked. After all, they … Continue reading

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There may very well be a higher power…

I am not a person to whom faith comes easily… I have never been a follower… (so if I follow your blog, you should know that I didn’t reach that decision without a great deal of thought)… And studying history as I … Continue reading

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