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In which I explain why Conan the barbarian is really a very good role model, and why we should all keep a little barbarian inside ourselves, just to keep our inner child company, and also show off my mad drawing skills by doing my own Conan comic book… and stuff…

(Yes, that is indeed my face in there, even if it’s too small to tell). I mentioned, in an early post, that I have a slight fascination with Conan the barbarian. Give me a chance to explain why this is … Continue reading

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Yes, this is one of my very early posts, and yes, I have reposted it before… but it is also one of the best stories about a time I almost died… and I have a lot of stories about times I almost died…

This post involves a near-death experience, but not just any near-death experience…. the weird kind of near-death experiences that only seem to happen to me. And that is why I titled this post: What a way to go… ************************ I … Continue reading

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A labor of love…

My blog is no longer a cluttered mess… Yes… that’s really me when I was a baby… and yes, that picture may explain a few of my personality disorders… For the last two weeks, I have been going through all … Continue reading

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Inner View… with some aliens…

Oh wow… I can’t believe this… I am sitting in my living room with three actual aliens! Yesterday, when I asked the other me from the other dimension… you know, the one who is the hero in those novels I … Continue reading

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Where do we go now?

Or: Welcome to the crack squirrel jungle… This is not one of those posts you so often see that begin with words like ‘Well, I don’t really have anything to talk about today’. What I have is the exact opposite … Continue reading

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Do you ever just feel lonely?

I am not complaining. I know many of you have real problems in your lives… serious health issues, emotional scars, poverty, depression… I am just really moody. Maybe manic-depressive on bad weeks. So I am not trying to belittle the obstacles … Continue reading

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Yes, my daughter’s new website is classy…

But I am going to take care of that problem. She asked me to write a short piece for it. She wanted a man’s perspective on weddings. The idea is for a guy who has been married for almost 25 … Continue reading

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