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So I was going to do a post about my wife’s high school reunion, but then the crack squirrels in my head went on that strike, so now that that’s all over with…

Okay, I did tell you about that joke I did with the smudged, illegible name tag and me telling people that I sat behind them in math class, and then making them try to remember my name,  just to mess with their … Continue reading

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My evil… and funny… plan to mess with people at my wife’s high school reunion went really well, thanks for asking.

They tried to give me a name tag, but I turned the card over, and signed it like this… HA! That is so generic it could be any name at all. Then, I just waited for people to ask me who I … Continue reading

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Willie is coming to town… and I am as happy as a clam… whatever the heck that really means…

It is going to be a busy weekend. It is my wife’s high school reunion. And some of you may remember that Big Johnny, Willie’s dad, is an old school friend of my wife. So we are going to see … Continue reading

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I know you were all worried about me shaving off my mustache, but look, it’s okay, I grew a new one in just two days…

Well, the truth is, that isn’t a real mustache. They were having ‘free Slurpee day’ at 7-11, and I took Mollie down there, and we remembered that we had been seeing billboards all over town advertising the ‘mustache straws’. So … Continue reading

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Just some weird stuff…

Because weekends are always slow… and I need to clear these out of my Photoshop files… here are three pictures… That is a picture of me. Well, it isn’t really me. But it sort of looks like me. I have … Continue reading

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