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Find me… part 3…

That last one wasn’t colorful enough… so try this one on for size. Can you spot 7 pictures of me in this picture? Just to make it fair, there are two of me sporting a tie dye shirt, there are … Continue reading

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Look, maybe you are getting sick of these pictures of San Francisco…

And if you are, all I can say is that I am truly sorry… Sometimes the crack squirrels in my head come up with an idea and just run with it… or I come up with the idea and they … Continue reading

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Crazy Question… #1

This is the first in my series of my silly new idea where I interview you all one question at a time. I am going to start off with an easy question… a deceptively easy question… to get the ball … Continue reading

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The Hastywords war… Part 5…

I know I am still dwelling on the fact that Hastywords made fun of my modeling career. It isn’t just that she did that picture of my head on her body and tried to make it sound like I was … Continue reading

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