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Things that can go horribly wrong when you take photos… part 11…

We have talked about focus, and about what happens when your camera is moving too fast to take a good picture… like when you are in a car… but now, let’s talk about motion blur. That is when you are … Continue reading

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Oh yeah… Christmas pictures from the new Christmas camera…

All my life I have thought I was pretty good at taking pictures… I am an artist after all… but I never had a good camera… until now… Turns out there is something of a learning curve, but Mollie and I … Continue reading

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This post isn’t really about the birds… it’s about the camera that took the picture of the birds… sort of…

We went to visit my wife’s aunt and uncle this weekend… you know, they are the ones who own the dog that is best friends with our dog… and I took some pictures of some woodpeckers. I like woodpeckers as … Continue reading

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