Testosterone is responsible for 97.06% of all the problems in the world; A scientific photographic expose… part 3…

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I have already been called to account for this series.

Let me just say that I am in no way anti-testosterone. I am talking abut people who have too much. Too much of anything is bad. Too much water can kill you. Testosterone plays an important part in nature, but in every aspect of nature, there is a top and bottom of the range, and that is where any part of nature can become problematic. Yes, you have hair. But there are people who have their entire bodies covered in long hair, and that is considered a disease. I have feet. I don’t need or want extra feet anywhere in or on my body.
A little fat is healthy. A lot of fat is not. You can have too many of the cells in your body that attack disease cells, and they start to attack you own healthy cells.

This is a commentary on male attitudes. The fact that you can buy pills that give you more testosterone is a sure sign that some people, like muscle builders who can no longer wipe their own ass, can and will get carried away with something harmless. I am not even judging the people who are naturally born with too much of it, but I do suggest avoiding them during mating season.

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This is not an anti-man rant. This not not anti-male. Testosterone is important. So are farts. But I don’t want too many of those either. This isn’t a thing that is exclusively a human issue. Many male mammals… (say that 5 times fast)… get flooded with testosterone during certain parts of the year. They fight. They injure each other. They kill. It is part of natures plan.

But humans, as far as I know, not being a scientist, do not regulate their hormones in mating season cycles. If you have too much testosterone, I think you have it all the time. If I am wrong, let me know.

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But mostly, this is a humor blog. So don’t get bent out of shape.

Males of most species have always had to be more aggressive. It is just nice if they can decide when that is necessary.


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2 Responses to Testosterone is responsible for 97.06% of all the problems in the world; A scientific photographic expose… part 3…

  1. List of X says:

    Yeah, but people are saying that no matter how much fat one has, it’s all beautiful, so why wouldn’t that apply to the level of testosterone?

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