Testosterone is responsible for 97.06% of all the problems in the world; A scientific photographic expose… part 1…

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Two rebels, living by their own rules… Neither one is quite as cool as he thinks he is, but only one of them is a truly evil douche-hat. The other is an actor. The difference? The guy on the left is suffering from an overabundance of testosterone.

And before you accuse me of making up the statistic in the title, it is based on actual science and math, neither one of which I am particularly good at, but I based that percentage on the likely hood of antisocial behavior, assaults, violence, crime of any sort, and being d*#k.

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7 Responses to Testosterone is responsible for 97.06% of all the problems in the world; A scientific photographic expose… part 1…

  1. Okay, here’s where we’re going to have to differ, Art. The two characters you picture aren’t emblematic of who men are or should be. As a proud bearer of the unique Y chromosome, I cannot and will not apologize for being male. I have hair on my face and my chest (as well as other areas) and have made no effort to remove it or any other part of being a man.

    I’ve heard these anti-testosterone rants before – as if though this essential hormone is somehow defective and therefore non-essential. If it wasn’t for testosterone, there wouldn’t be any males and subsequently, any females. The feminist left likes to proclaim otherwise, but since they still haven’t figured out to procreate without males, they have no argument.

    Testosterone is one factor that helped propel humans out of humanity’s birthplaces and across mountains, deserts and oceans. Testosterone helps save people from burning buildings, among other things. It’s actually more beneficial than detrimental to humanity. Men save more lives than they take.

    I know I’m being politically incorrect in noting these simple facts, but I don’t care. I’ve reached the point in my life where I don’t give a damn. Again, I won’t apologize for being male.

    • I am in no way anti-testosterone. I am talking abut people who have too much. Too much of anything is bad. Too much water can kill you. Testosterone plays an important part in nature, but in every aspect of nature, there is a top and bottom of the range, and that is where any part of nature can become problematic. Yes, you have hair. But there are people who have their entire bodies covered in long hair, and that is considered a disease. I have feet. I don’t need or want extra feet anywhere in or on my body.
      A little fat is healthy. A lot of fat is not. You can have too many of the cells in your body that attack disease cells, and they start to attack you own healthy cells.
      This is a commentary on male attitudes. The fact that you can buy pills that give you more testosterone is a sure sign that some people, like muscle builders who can no longer wipe their own ass, can and will get carried away with something harmless. I am not even judging the people who are naturally born with too much of it, but I do suggest avoiding them during mating season.

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  3. bwcarey says:

    there is such an effort to push the emotional responses, no surprise there, check out the white house, donald gives an order, if your not blond we can’t work together,

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