Another San Diego sunset…

a 1

I will do the rest of these in the order I took them, but this one struck me as being the best lead in.

a 2

It was just one of those jaw-dropping sunsets.

a 3

The kind that a photograph never does justice too.

a 4

It was good enough to make me climb up into my 50-foot-tall pine tree to take some pictures.

a 5

And, as long as I was perched precariously up there, of course I played around with alternating the focus on the sunset and the tree itself.

a 6

Because you never know how those might turn out.

a 7

The colors slowly shifted from orange to red.

a 8

Oh, look, I caught the silhouette of a palm tree… and those bleepin’ phone lines.

a 9

I don’t know why that one is orange again. I swear, these are in order.

a 10


a 11

I guess I didn’t need to share all of these.

a 12

But I did risk my life climbing a tree in dim light.

a 13

So there you go.

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12 Responses to Another San Diego sunset…

  1. pp says:

    last photo , awesome .

  2. You could turn some of those upside down to get some rivers of fire!

  3. Wow! They are all spectacular, Art! I guess climbing that pine tree was well worth the trouble.

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