Some like it hot…

a 2

Some of you may have already recognized that hotel we stayed at this weekend.

a 1

It was one of the stars of a very funny movie… and the room we stayed in is right there… between Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis… behind the palm tree…

a 1

The hotel still has posters and photos of the movie scattered about… it turns out that when Marilyn was around, nobody could focus on anything else.

a 2

And the hotel really is a piece of living American history…

a 3

You feel it as you walk around…

a 4

It has soaked into the wood…

a 5

This place goes back to before people even really went to the beach to swim…

a 6

We often take out-of-towners to the hotel for a meal, and to just walk around the grounds.

a 7

But walking in there as a guest was a little different.

a 8

It felt a little like playing pretend.

a 9

It had a decided air of make-believe…

a 10

It was like we were dressing up for a part in a play…

a 12

Or maybe… a part in a movie…

a 11

And really, isn’t that what a good getaway should feel like?


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6 Responses to Some like it hot…

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Are you an extra in a movie?

  2. Elyse says:

    How neat! Love that movie!

  3. I know a movie buff that would have caught that connection in a second..that’s really cool!

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