You know how sometimes you want to type something sarcastic…

But there isn’t a special ‘sarcastic font’ to let the person you are typing at know that you are being sarcastic… and then you overdo the sarcastic tone and just come across like a jerk? And do you remember when I tried to fix this glaring oversight by trying to get people to put the “less than” symbol on one end of a sarcastic sentence and a “greater than” at the other… or maybe it was the other way around… to denote that the sentence between the two symbols was meant to be sarcastic, but it turned out that those two symbols were actually part of some computer code in WordPress and that when you typed them, all the words between them vanished… without a trace…

So here is my new idea… from now on, all sarcastic sentences will be typed in the color purple. Is that brilliant or what?

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57 Responses to You know how sometimes you want to type something sarcastic…

  1. benzeknees says:

    Some of us (with the basic pkge) don’t get color – that’s why I use TIC (tongue in cheek)

  2. julie says:

    It is safe to assume that from certain people the font is almost always purple……

  3. Glazed says:

    How about the backslash key, like this: \This is the smartest idea in the world\. There, did that come out out sarcastic?

  4. D. Parker says:

    Because purple symbolizes royalty and you’re a Lord…we get it, we’ll never be Royals…Royals… 😉
    Any of that show up in purple?

  5. evgeniaioannou says:

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    Mostly appreciated thank you. Have a Great Day!

  6. List of X says:

    sounds like it doesn’t work either. How will I ever manage to sound sarcastic??

  7. aladywrites4u says:

    I will never remember to change the font color… not even sure I know how… Ah, who cares, either they’ll get my sarcasm or they won’t and if they won’t it’s best to lose them early on.

  8. No, that’s just Barney porn.

  9. Well, damn, it was just *so much fun* reading that string of comments. And I think it was lavender, not purple.

  10. Doobster418 says:

    Well, that didn’t work. Let me try that again. That’s the dumbest suggestion I’ve ever heard.

  11. Doobster418 says:

    That’s the dumbest suggestion Ive ever heard

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