Oh for cryin’ out loud… stop whining about the snow… nobody made you live where you have to dig your car out from under a mountain of frozen water…

Seriously, we here in San Diego have our own winter-related problems. It has been uncomfortably hot, for one thing. I almost had to turn the air conditioner on yesterday. And not a fun hot. No, the dry Santa Ana winds have been blowing. It is so dry that any time you touch anything metal you get a little shock. I hate that. And my nasal passages are so dry that I blew blood into a Kleenex. So get over it already.


This piece was meant to be read in a mildly sarcastic tone and was intended to be humorous. The creators of this blog… (the crack squirrels that inhabit my cranium)…  are in no way minimizing or making light of any snow-related misfortunes that might befall you. If you have an issue with this piece, please refer all hate mail and death threats to;

Climate change deniers, especially the ones in positions of civic responsibility that think science is like some kind of dark magic and are more concerned with keeping their constituents happy than saving our freekin’ planet and more worried about getting those big campaign contributions from the huge oil companies than they are with the future of your… and their… children.


The deity you choose to worship.

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50 Responses to Oh for cryin’ out loud… stop whining about the snow… nobody made you live where you have to dig your car out from under a mountain of frozen water…

  1. benzeknees says:

    We have also had unseasonably warm weather here. In the winter, we have the same problems with static electricity & blood in the tissues so we got a cool air mister to help with my breathing problems. We’ve had our windows open for months.

  2. sagedoyle says:

    I’m actually enjoying the snow, it’s just throwing me off my routine. But the plus is more family time. And we’ve been very fortunate to not have lost power, though another blizzard today into Sunday, so I knock on wood when I say that. We have electric heat so if we lose power, that would suck. And driving around in below zero temps when the heat in my car doesn’t work kind of sucks too, come close to frostbite having my hands on the steering wheel even with gloves or mittens. There, that last thing was a complaint, but I’m lucky enough to have a car, so there’s the bright side.

  3. Pete says:

    If the ‘end of the world’ scientists are correct in a couple years you will be in the throws of a decades long heat wave and you may just want to move closer to those people on the East Coast with their many feet of snow and cold… Then again if the heat wave last for more than a decade you may want to spend some time up here in Alaska!

  4. markbialczak says:

    Let’s do a home swap, Syracuse and San Diego, every February. Deal, Arthur?

  5. Reblogged this on cornfedcontessa and commented:
    Science is so scary. If Jesus isn’t involved then it must not be true. 😉

  6. Gibber says:

    Pft! Try lots of snow then a melt and rain which makes the roads a skating rink, then add extreme dryness and you’ve got where I live…Sigh

  7. Ha! Love it. I grew up in Florida and when I moved to Ohio, people would ask me about hurricanes. Um, you get days and days of warning with a hurricane, you GO AWAY. Not much I could do to get away from massive days-long snowfall. But I would take snow and hurricanes over tornadoes and/or earthquakes. Luckily I’m now in Ireland where it’s mostly dreary and rains a lot. Shocking stuff altogether.

  8. Yeah…so quit whinning about fires and AC no body made you live in a drought stricken desert. lol lol (I live in so cal too)

  9. Yes, it is cold (-2 degrees and getting colder), and yes, we have a lot of snow, but we are tough. Thank you for your concern.

    And I’ll be sure to show the same kindness to you when you get – what? Wild fires and earthquakes?

    I’ll stick with snow – it melts away eventually.

  10. pmahaney says:

    I did what you said Art. Plus, I enclosed photocopies of this post to each member of Congress addressing it to, “Climate change deniers” and boy were they excited! They even sent a group of guys dark suits and sunglasses to my door to thank me for pointing them in the right direction. I think they are going to come and see you to say thank you as well. Thought I should let you know.

    • dude… have you really looked thru my old posts? I am on so many NSA lists I have my own dedicated super computer in that new secret base.

      • pmahaney says:

        LOL! I have apparently overlooked a post or two somewhere. Hey, but there’s nothing like being a wanted man Art. You and Ed Snowden I never would have guessed. Now I know why the glasses.

        • yup… I have also pissed off: gun nuts, the KKK, extremists, stupid people, the Tea Party, Dick Cheney in particular…(he is the only politician to have his own word in the word cloud in my sidebar, so you can more easily find all the horrible things I have done to him)… the CIA and the NSA, and WordPress… who once kicked me off my blog for 4 days when I did a joke where I typed up a fake spam paragraph and pasted it into hundreds of random blog’s comment sections.

          • pmahaney says:

            LOL—OMG I’ve taken to hanging out with criminals! Although, it may be that Dick Cheney is a criminal mastermind, thus making you nothing more than a mere hitman by comparison. Still my mother would have been so proud.

            • Our stated purpose is to take over the world through this blog and I have minions and we all live in a hollow volcano. What part of criminal organization did we not make clear exactly? try searching ‘minions’ on this blog. That should clear a few things up.

  11. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    I will keep the snow you can have your heat and fires. Deal.

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