The republicans literally want you to eat shit and die…

I was listening to NPR radio yesterday, and I caught the tail end of a story reporting that some republican politician is taking a stand against the rules that insist that employees at places that serve food wash their hands after going to the bathroom.., because, you know, there is just too much government regulation in the workplace already…

I don’t know who this ass-hat, dill-hole, life-sized human phlegm statue is… you can Google it if you want and let me know… but his rational for this is that as long as the employee is willing to live with the consequences, they should be free to not be forced to wash their hands. He didn’t say anything about the consequences to the consumer of the food prepared by the employee.

And this made me think about how so many people now won’t have their children vaccinated because it goes against… something they believe in… and now we are reaching a tipping point where diseases that we thought we had conquered are coming back again… and how many of these people are republicans and/or tea party members.

And that made me think about how so many of these same people are climate change deniers, are against equal rights for gay people, and think science is just a waste of time.

And all I can do is hope that if you are one of these people, even though you probably don’t believe in evolution…. that someday you evolve anyway. Because we are supposed to be advancing forward through time. We aren’t supposed to be going backwards.

Try to think of your mind as something that you fill with thoughts and ideas, let them simmer and swirl around in there for a while, and then new thoughts and ideas come out. It isn’t like a closed system. Don’t lock it up and refuse to ever let anything new in there… don’t keep the thoughts in some sort of perpetual Guantanamo Bay. Let them out into the sunlight now and then.

Because history moves on with or without you.

People used to think that slavery was okay.

Now we don’t.

People thought racism was normal.

We have moved past that… (well, most of us have, and most of the rest are smart enough to pretend to be against it when they speak out loud in public)…

People used to think that smoking wasn’t bad for you.

Even the tobacco companies are now having a hard time saying it isn’t bad for you with a straight face.

Ideas change… society grows and becomes wiser and more mature. And dinosaurs get left on the trash pile of history… even if you are convinced that dinosaurs lived 5,000 years ago and that Jesus rode around on one… I hope you will at least admit that you haven’t seen one around lately.

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32 Responses to The republicans literally want you to eat shit and die…

  1. benzeknees says:

    I remember suffering through measles, mumps & chicken pox as a child. The problem is we basically wiped out these diseases for a lot of years so people decided they didn’t need to vaccinate their children because other people would do their children & then they could just piggyback on the resistance of their classmates. Too bad so many of them took a stand against vaccinations & so there weren’t enough vaccinated children to keep the non-vaccinated kids safe! Ha!

  2. joehoover says:

    Open a window AB it’s gettin’ hot in here. Sounds like the fella was only joking then, but feel for us, we have Nigel Farage who seriously blames non English people for him being late for something, and of course for every other blight in our lives. Actually he doesn’t believe it for a second, but he found a way to tap into people’s fears and make a scapegoat, so for people with genuine troubles they have a target (rather than the real target which is the politician’s themselves) Don’t you have a distant planet in your books you can send them all to?

  3. Erica Herd says:

    You gave me a much- needed chuckle. Thanks.

  4. Elyse says:

    FREEDOM! Cue Mel Gibson.

    The thing about this that is so egregiously stupid, is that unless the restaurant put up a sign saying “We don’t require our employees to wash hands after shitting, you’d never know, and thus the “Free market” couldn’t inform the public which then couldn’t make an informed choice.

  5. Talker99 says:

    Ok, first off, when that Republican said that he was doing it in a joking manner and he was only talking about Gov regulations in the sense that the gov requires employees to wash their hands. What he said was , I don’t have any problem with Starbucks if they choose to opt out of this policy as long as they post a sign that says we don’t require employees to wash their hands. … Let them decide,”
    He then said it was the public’s decision if we wanted to continue going there based on their freedom to choose to post that little sign over the restroom sink.
    It was a stupid joke but a joke none the less.
    Look, I’m most definitely a conservative but I know evolution is reality, I am for Gay rights, my kids are vaccinated, I think creationism is stupid and I’ve been dating a black girl for 6 years(and I’m white…..a white conservative!!!) plus have kids with her. Shocking but not really as rare as liberals would make you think.
    I used to be just like you in thought about republicans but something changed my view. Can you guess what it was? I’ll wait…………………………………..

    Prison. I went to prison for a year and saw exactly how the left side really views things. Most, if not all people in prison are left leaning in their beliefs of how the world works. They have been so brainwashed(for lack of a better word) into thinking that society owes them something. I learned so much on how to screw the system that its not even funny. Everything from food stamp abuse to claiming kids for income tax checks, I learned it all.
    No one wants to work anymore and this fact is celebrated with a hand out of money from the gov. Even my girlfriends dad, a devoted Democrat who is very against Gay rights(as are most black people who say they Democrats, at least the more uneducated ones are, not saying my girls dad is uneducated….crap, he better not read this) and believes vaccinations give kids autism, even he has stopped working because he gets more money from disability checks than he did from a job. Oh and he isn’t disabled, he just knew what to say and do to get the checks. Pretty much everyone he knows does the same thing.
    My point is, it’s a two way street. You think all republicans are of the same mind frame and I believe that all left going people are only getting their info from other left going news groups and not exploring the possibilities that they could actually be mistaken in their beliefs. Stick a group of people in a circle and have one person whisper something into the next persons ear, then that person does the same to the next and so on and so on, when the message finally arrives back at the start it usually is a garbled mess. This is kinda what happens to the left when it comes to info. One says to the other some news and then that person goes to tell it but when they do they choose to add and embellish just a little, this gets even worse when put online. Since they wont get their info from other sources as well, only going to the sources they go to, they don’t get the whole story.
    Like this post, you didn’t even know the repubs name but still called him an ass-hat. Never mind that you were also mistaken on his reason for saying what he said. Im in no way defending the guy and agree it was a dumb way to prove his point but I at least went to about eight different sources to get the info. To read it on most of the dem sites though, he wants us all to die from disease. It’s ridiculous.
    All this said, despite me being more right to your left, I still like your site and still come everyday to read. Ive found that most people with your thoughts will often belittle me and stop following my blog once my views come out, its why I don’t often say anything at all.
    I do like your site though so you better not do the same.

    • I not only do not intend to belittle you, I will get annoyed with anyone who does. I think that was one of the deepest, best worded comments I ever got here, and freely admit that not only did you show all the holes in my pitiful little rant, but did so in a way that made me think about some of the stands I take. I apologize for stereotyping. It is easy to just spew this stuff and know that most people who are regulars will just agree with me. But I do just do this for comedy. And I have to take shortcuts somewhere. Truth takes up too much room. Thank you for the comment.

    • Doobster418 says:

      First, this comment is not intended to belittle you. Second, I have never been to prison and you apparently have. That said, I would like to know, other than the small group of people you came in contact with in prison, on what basis you claim that “most, if not all people in prison are left leaning in their beliefs of how the world works.” It’s true that there are way more black prisoners than there are white prisoners. It’s true that there are way more black people on social welfare programs than there are white people.And it’s also true that blacks tend to be Democrats and not Republicans. I’m not questioning what you personally experienced, but by using a small segment of the prison population to make blanket, generalized statements about liberals and Democrats is exactly what you’re being critical of Arthur for doing.

      And, if you discount his comments about what that unnamed Republican politician was allegedly joking about, but think about most of the other attributes and attitudes he mentioned — anti-vaccination, climate change and science deniers, anti-gay marriage, anti-evolution, anti-women’s rights, anti-poor, and generally bigoted and racist — most of those attributes come right from the GOP platform.

      There are those of us who lean to the left and are liberals who never spent a single day in jail, who aren’t on welfare, and who don’t discriminate against others due to their race, religion, or place of origin, but who merely care about our fellow human beings and want to do what we can to help those who are less fortunate than we are by providing them with social programs that can help them to survive. Yes, there are those who will abuse such programs, but maybe those abusers of the system are the very ones you befriended in prison.

      • Talker99 says:

        215. That’s is the number of people that stayed on the cell block and I had contact with during my first three weeks of prison. After 3 weeks I was moved to the third floor and stayed in a simple, small 74 man tank. A month later I was moved to a max security prison by mistake(simple paper work mix up, no big deal I guess…..scariest 2 weeks of my life) and had the pleasure of meeting 166 new inmates. Then I was moved to a state prison 5 hours away from my home(makes family visits almost nonexistent) and during the rest of my stay was moved to three seperate tanks, each with 150 new people to meet,
        I’m not alone in my shift change of political belief either, Robert Downey Jr. had the same epiphany after his last stay.
        I’m not making blanket generalizations about a small segment of the population and I’m certainly not using the prison population as an example(they wouldn’t matter anyway, they have no say, don’t get me started on people who have felonies and the limits they face once released).
        Ok, lets go back to before prison, when I was preparing for it by being really, really stupid and reckless. I met many people who were just like me with a more democratic view. Since they were all drugs users like me(I was jailed for drugs) they liked to talk and talk(coke has a funny way of giving you a voice, granted it’s a rambling,. paranoid-like voice that won’t shut up but its a voice none the less) we spoke often of politics and how the republicans were trash and money hungry and hated gays and loved stupid gods and were racist , We thought this because everyone we knew thought this and that’s all the news and papers we read told us so it must be true.
        I knew a girl who had five kids, from different dads and who had them just to get extra money from the benefits. I knew a girl who had so many abortions,( even going to Colorado once because they do it after 22 weeks and most states wont) and felt so guilty that she finally blew her brains out , citing her emotions got the best of her.
        These are not isolated thoughts and people that I’m talking about to just generalize the left, there are hundreds if not thousands of people doing the exact same things to screw over the system and not work. All of them when asked, I promise you, will say they are Democrat.
        I get my thoughts also from the fact that I’ve seen how charitable a democrat can be(not all, don’t get that misunderstood). The belief that they are helping anyone with what they do is actually quite wrong. The amount of people actually needing help from the programs vs the ones who are abusing the help and the abusers win by a landslide. People, when given that one step up(all they need is that one step) will take it and run with it, proving that they can do what needs doing to get by. But the people who are given endless steps up will never be motivated to do anything better. Why work when you don’t have to. The social programs you speak of basically tells people that they are stupid(which they might be because the school system doesn’t teach) and can’t do things for themselves.
        Finally, you said that I talked about what the topic was about and failed to mention the other stuff you mentioned. You’re correct. I was only talking about that because that’s all the topic was about. As for what you say is generally what the GOP platform is about, bigot, science deniers, racist and anti-gay, I’m sorry but you are mistaken. Yes there are probably some that have those views, there’s always some guy or gal who pisses in the punch bowl at the party, but you are generalizing them as a whole as well. Also, you are probably taking your views from the same sources I started this whole thing about and not expanding to look at the whole picture.
        Sorry what I wrote was all over the place, my kids are distracting me and one just broke my girlfriends tablet……I guess I can see why abortions have such an appeal…..
        That was a joke by the way. Lighten up.

        • Just for the record I have been in jail numerous times… never been on welfare… still a Berkeley liberal…

        • Doobster418 says:

          Do you ever take the time to read the Republican Party Platform documents, at either the federal or the state level? You should try it at some point and then tell me that I’m generalizing or that I’m getting them from some liberal news media. You might be surprised.

          • Talker99 says:

            As a matter of fact I have. If you could tell me what you are speaking about that will surprise me I’d like to know. I have not read at a state level though, just to many states and honestly, incredibly boring. Also, just because Im conservative it does not mean I have to agree with all that is said. Do you agree with the entire Democratic platform? If so then…..well….then that’s cool I guess.
            Just let me know what makes you dislike what they represent so I can understand. What values do they have that you are so against? Where does it say they hate the poor, hate women and hate vaccines? I’ve asked people before to explain why they hate republicans like they do and rarely get an answer that isn’t something said endless times before. Of course, the same can be said of asking a repub about a dem, its always the same lib media comment or obamacare rhetoric. No one ever has an actual, honest answer, they just know they hate each other.
            It’s kinda like when you ask someone why they hate a Jewish person. They never have an answer, they just know they do.
            Stupid reason if you ask me.
            On that note, this gave me an idea for a book about the Left vs Right. Ill show side by side comparisons on where each party stands in their views and what they do to show they actually want to act on them.
            Ill start tonight maybe.

            • Doobster418 says:

              I’m glad I gave you an idea for your book. I’ll give you my address for you to send the royalty checks. This is a bit dated, but you might find it interesting reading. Couple that with various GOP sponsored voter ID laws clearly and openly targeting blacks and the poor, all kinds of legislation aimed to take away a woman’s right to choose, initiatives in opposition to gay marriage, opposition to immigration reform, scaling back social welfare programs, opposition to any tax increases to the most wealthy people in the country. Do I need to go on?

              • Talker99 says:

                Sorry for late response, had to go to Peter Piper Pizza with kids….Ok, I read the article and I’m sorry but I can agree with most of the views they put on there. Honestly what was so bad about what they wanted candidates to agree to? I live in Phoenix after moving here 7 years ago from New York(grew up in Houston though) and I know first hand how badly we need immigration reform. Republicans are in no way trying to stop people from coming here, they just want people to do it legally. People have always done it legally, why should these new generations do it differently? If we just say “Okay, yall can stay” then everyone else from now on will expect the same. You got to have some order or it becomes chaos. Most of the crimes here in Phoenix are done by Illegals even, a cop was killed by one about two weeks ago. Hell, the manager at the local walmart was kidnapped by one and held for ransom. But you’re right, no checking up on them, we should give them a free pass and have them stay. Screw how my grandfather did it, by actually passing a test and learning English. Billboards here don’t even have English on them, its all Spanish.
                Id laws do not target blacks and poor. Explain how they do so I can understand where the civil rights are being mistreated. Social welfare programs should be scaled back. When I see a woman at my local convenience store pay for her box of M&M’s and large slurpee with her food stamp card, then go out and drive off in a BMW, I’m sorry but things need to change.
                So as I asked, please tell me where the republicans are going wrong on what they believe in for their parties standpoint.

              • I should just step back at this point… it is getting harder to interject anything funny…

              • please don’t… because now I want to cry

            • I would read that book

          • There are crazy people on both sides… the daily show just did a piece about Bay Area liberals who aren’t getting their kids vaccinated… because… crazy hipster yuppies

      • Okay, you must admit that he makes some pretty compelling points too. I mean both of you do.

        • Talker99 says:

          Okay, but what were the points he made? I just read it again and I’m not real sure what you might be talking about.
          No welfare for me either, not any more. I gotta ask though, jailed for what? If you say some kind of protest, pot use or environmental sit in to save a tree then I know everything I’ve said today is hopeless.
          Kidding. Im not one to talk, your post was actually about something while mine was about the trix rabbit being indecent with kids …….nuff said.

  6. markbialczak says:

    Don’t you know it, Art. I saw a news story yesterday about a medical gene advance that will allow a chromosone from a third person to be introduced into an embryo when it’s known that the parents are carriers of a debilitating disease for their previous child. And people are protesting this because of “what this will lead to in genetic engineering in the future.” Good gravy! What it means now is that people who couldn’t otherwise can have healthy children! Shut your pieholes!!

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