It’s our anniversary… I hope you got me something nice…

No, not the anniversary of my blog… but Julie, one of my favorite minions, did point out that tomorrow… or today… or yesterday… depending on where on the planet you live… is the one-year anniversary of that post… you know, where we are trying to break the record for the most comments on a single blog post… (to be specific, a private, non corporate, non celebrity owned, blog post that wasn’t about something so stupid that it went viral and people showed up to comment just to tell the person what a dill-hole they are)… That post… right over there… in the link… (the blue letters)… up at the top of the sidebar… yes, that one!

Well it has 39,048 comments so far.

I know…

And even though WordPress is too busy making changes that nobody wants to keep track of what the actual record number is…

And despite the fact that the people at the Guinness Book Of World Records… (yeah, we contacted them)… say that they keep track of the record for the most comments on a single blog… (like ten million and something held by some guy in Japan)… and not on single blog posts…

We are just going to keep going… until we reach at least 50,000… or more.

Hey, don’t panic… half of the comments are mine, because I answer every comment that gets left there. And we only need to reach 40,000 this week. Then you get a vacation for a while.

Anyway, if you haven’t left at least one comment there… do it… now… we will wait for you…

Good, you are now a small part of history.

We are having a reunion… all week… so get ready, MINIONS!!!

And I will be doing more posts about why you should visit that year-old post… and the crazy stuff we do there… and how we might make it into a book someday…

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28 Responses to It’s our anniversary… I hope you got me something nice…

  1. adamjasonp says:

    Reblogged this on The Dependent Independent and commented:
    Man time flies when nothing happens.  Today is the one year anniversary of Pouring My Art Out’s attempt for a comment record on a single post.  Unfortunately, no one seems to keep track of single-post records for comments, but Art will be active on it!  Feedback upon feedback, yes!  He always replies.  Many of the comments I’ve read some time ago on that post are hilarious.  Go over there!

    …Reblog #3 today.  Really, somebody kill me. 😉

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  4. I can hear you talking as I read this lol

  5. swo8 says:

    Happy anniversary.

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