A ‘war on Christmas’ update…

I guess one thing that always bothers me about the new, more militant religious conservative Christians, is their complete failure to grasp the message that the person they claim to follow was really trying to teach his followers. Not once, as far as I can remember, did Jesus ever stop and ask somebody what religion they followed before he offered to help them. And considering the fact that he started off with only 12 guys who could even be considered his followers, that pretty much means that everybody he helped was a non-Christian. I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, but the way he got new followers was to show them compassion and love regardless of what they believed. Maybe that was the whole idea of his teachings. To show so much compassion and love to other people that they became intrigued by him and ended up wanting to be more like him. And then there is the whole ‘turn the other cheek’ message which seems to get overlooked in the rush to find more judgmental biblical quotes to use to tell everybody else how evil they are.
And when you get right down to it, the only people Jesus ever got so mad at that he threw a hissy fit and ended up flipping over tables was a bunch of rich money lenders… or what we today would call bankers… something else to think about… if you are into that whole ‘thinking’ thing.


That is a comment I left on another blog, a blog done by a friend of mine, who does such good posts that he makes me leave comments that are so good that I have to copy and paste them back in my blog as a whole new post… go visit: http://mindfuldigressions.com/

Let him bring out the best in you, too.

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83 Responses to A ‘war on Christmas’ update…

  1. sagedoyle says:

    Plus, the bible is a document written by men from an ancient time before science, a culture of particular beliefs and laws, as well as cruelty, prejudice, and lawlessness. So it is skewed in many ways. Jesus didn’t write the bible. It’s an interpretable document, continuing to be interpreted according to what people want to suggest it means in order to prove their own views.

  2. Paul says:

    I like your like and raise you two likes. I am convinced that if Jesus wandered into a church today, he would be ejected for not being like everyone else. Group-think rules, let’s all form a circle and pat each other on the back – for we must be right as you think like I do. Exactly the opposite of what i see Jesus as preaching.

  3. Jesus helped poor people and those in need. Its ironic how some of the people who claim to love him today would’ve ranted against him in the day.

  4. Elyse says:

    “Maybe that was the whole idea of his teachings. To show so much compassion and love to other people that they became intrigued by him and ended up wanting to be more like him.” Yup.

  5. LVital7019 says:

    This is awesome. And totally true for most Christians/Catholics I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of coming across. My husband, a born-and-bred catholic who has since “turned the other cheek” on the militant, intolerant ways of the Church, likes to watch programs with me like Bible Conspiracies and the Simcha Yakobovich documentary which preceded it last night. I LOVE that stuff – mostly because it makes Jesus an accessible icon and eliminates all the trappings the Church has loaded upon his teachings. I also love it because, although a lot of it is entirely logical, Catholics get outraged about it and sit in judgment of those who consider such (sensible) theories.

  6. Doobster418 says:

    I liked your comment on my post and I like that you reiterated here on yours.

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