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Well, I feel sort of bad about that last post I did, the one where Dick Cheney’s head explodes in the microwave, what with it being so close to Christmas and all, so here are some random beautiful pictures of San Diego, sunsets, and sunrises, you know, to take the bad taste of exploding Dick Cheney out of your mouths…

These first few pictures are of a sunrise just a few weeks ago. I am not sure why sunrises get so much less attention than sunsets. Maybe it is just because they happen too early for most people. When I … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney says torture is only bad when Nazis do it…

But it is completely acceptable when we Americans do it. So, he shouldn’t have any problem with me sticking his ass in a microwave oven, right? DING!

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You are way too smart for me…

You have seen through all my deceptions and evaded all my traps. So far, in an infantile… (not to mention futile)… series of blatant attempts to manipulate you into scrolling down into the deepest recesses of my blog, I have resorted to; … Continue reading

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