Wait… What???

So let me get this straight… An Islamic fundamentalist group attacked a mosque  in Nigeria with bombs and bullets… A mosque full of other Muslims… And their reason for this is because mosques are spreading a perverted version of Islam… So the terrorist jerks who kill unarmed women and children of their own faith are upset that their faith is being perverted…

Seriously, I don’t even have words to explain how insane that is.



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30 Responses to Wait… What???

  1. benzeknees says:

    It’s a f-‘d up world!

  2. hastywords says:

    It’s like gradma’s dressing recipe…
    I really thought I could do it better so I changed a few things…
    found out… I suck

  3. joehoover says:

    Humans again prove the most ridiculous of species.

  4. tastehitch says:

    Not the first time. Northern Ireland was like this for 30 odd years. And then there’s ISIS. I’m sure back in the day there were people clubbing each other down because they worshiped the giant volcano differently.

  5. PsiFiGal says:

    It breaks my heart to hear news like this.

  6. Al says:

    I don’t think I have ever heard a bigger bunch of horse crap in my life. Utter …

  7. AC says:

    I like the way you express your dismay. It sums up in a nutshell the way I view the situation. Speaking of nutshell, maybe that’s a better word for expressing it. “Nutshell”. There, that sums it up perfectly.

  8. Doobster418 says:

    It’s not just about worshiping the “right” god, it’s about worshiping that god the “right” way.

  9. Gibber says:

    There just aren’t words..

  10. Dylan Raines says:

    Throughout history, I think the institution of religions act as political entities. When this happens the words “Islam”, “Christian” or what-have-you become brand-names of political parties seeking dominance over others with the guise of having the “Truth.”

  11. Paul says:

    This has always been a concern of mine. By defimition an Islamic person is one who believes in and follows the precepts of the Koran. You cannot be Islamic without accepting the Koran. i have read the Koran and it states specifically (I’ll paraphrase here as I don’t have a copy with me) that it is against Allah’s will to kill innocent people. Even in war, a Muslim is only permitted to kill combatants and when enemy soldiers are captured, even they must be treated with respect, fed, clothed, haive their health tended to and then be released unharmed when the war is over. It is illegal to kill even an enemy in war who is unarmed. All this kill non-Muslim shit is limited to those who physically attack with the purpose of killing Muslims – it is permitted to kill the attackers then. Killing non-combatants or innocents is murder in the Koran and is punishable by death.

    These terrorists who call them selves Muslims – are not. By virtue of the Koran, a terrorist (someone who kills innocents) is not a Muslim as they do not follow the precepts of the Koran. “Muslim Terrorist” is a contradiction of terms. They are one or the other and cannot, by their own religion, be both.

    By that reasoning there are no Muslim terrorists – only terrorists who claim to be Muslim but, by definition are not. And it pisses me off that Muslims in general tolerate these assholes who kill women and children and innocents, to hide behind their religion. There are Imams even here in Canada who preach terrorism. They should be run out of the religion and not permitted to use a perfectly peaceful set of beliefs to do harm. I hope they all burn in hell or their equivalent of hell. .

  12. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Which goes to show that religion really isn’t the reason for any of this after all :/

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