Writer’s block… It’s like a beaver dam in your creative juices…

There you are, floating down the river of your creativity on the inner tube of your imagination, and suddenly you are forced to a halt by an obstruction, a dam that blocks the flow of your expression, a dam built of the logs of doubt by the annoying beaver of blank-mindedness…

The main thing is not to panic. You don’t need to force it. It will be fine. Sooner or later, the flood of your imagination will cause the pond to overflow the dam and you will be carried on your way. Or, you can get out of the river, pick up your inner tube, and carry it around the dam. Or write about the beautiful pond, the clever construction of the dam itself, about the industrious beaver.  Maybe you can buy some dynamite and blow the damn dam up. Or paddle back upstream… Maybe you missed something on your first journey. Try walking away from the river and finding a whole new river.

All I am saying is that one way or another, the problem will resolve itself. Be creative in how you get around your lack of creativity. Use imagination to overcome your temporary lack of imagination. Make friends with the beaver and stop worrying about the dam so damn much.


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17 Responses to Writer’s block… It’s like a beaver dam in your creative juices…

  1. I feel you. I had that for like months. Felt annoyed that I have ideas I can’t seem to express in words..But I guess every writer goes through that process.

  2. Nice. Reading this and trying to think of a comment was a nice procrastination from writing my own post today (I have no ideas, but for me it is Lame Post Friday, so that’s OK). Personally I am more apt to suffer from Writer’s Blank or the dreaded Write Something Down And Immediately Cross It Out. The latter is simply dreadful on a computer, when you backspace over or delete it and it is gone forever. On paper you can put a slash through it then look at it later and say, “What? That’s fine!” Hmm… seems as if I am not suffering from anything today but talking too much. I’ll just paddle my canoe back to my own blog.

  3. joehoover says:

    Tell me about it, I’ve had it for half a year. I couldn’t even finish my semi serious posts on my NYC trip, I know I don’t remember most of the trip. I have dozens of posts I started and just didn’t finish. It’s annoying as I used to bank out about three a week (not much by your standards!) and am hardly doing them lately. Not sure if it’s writers block, but since I moved I have two extra hours on my daily commute which tires me out and am busier at work. So I struggle more with time just sitting down at the computer.

  4. Paul says:

    Awww, that’s so good of you to recommend making friends with your Canadians (beavers)

  5. Fran Macilvey says:

    You could just ignore it, of course, and get on with your writing. I mean, it’s sometimes the repetition of the words, ‘Hang it all, I’ve got writer’s block’ that’s the problem. Or it’s a sign that you need a rest, maybe. xx 🙂

  6. Human Interest says:

    Reblogged this on Human Interest.

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