The 18th submission to my all-about-me art contest… what… did you think it was over already?

a 1 a 1

And this is the first one that was created by two people! That’s right. You heard me. This was done by my good friend, HastyWords, over at:

And her delightful daughter, HastyKid, helped out.

You should check out that link up there. Hasty writes some awesome poetry, often with some awesome help from some awesome bloggers.

I really like this piece of Art… uh… art… Not only does it have me… and my blog name… but Hasty stuck here face right into my cool shades. Which makes sense. Because she is stuck in my head like that. And she will be stuck in your head if you check out her blog.


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You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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21 Responses to The 18th submission to my all-about-me art contest… what… did you think it was over already?

  1. joehoover says:

    Sorry I missed all this, I have 17 previous submissions to check out. I forgot to make an Arthur mask to take to NY with me. Just as well probably, I may have been mobbed by your fans

  2. serins says:

    This is sooooo cool! Love it.

  3. hastywords says:

    Reblogged this on hastywords and commented:
    It doesn’t really fit the 31 days of horror but I suppose it could be a matter of perspective. HastyKid and I did an ART project for ART with Pouring My Art Out. It isn’t often my daughter and I collaborate on computer art together but I think I have a brilliant daughter on my hands. Please visit his post and leave my little girl some artistic love 🙂

  4. Paul says:

    So cool. I haven’t seem anything like that since my last tab of LSD 30 years ago.

  5. Trent Lewin says:

    Hasty does good work…I think she actually made you look good, Art!

  6. hastywords says:

    🙂 I had fun. HastyKid said it should look like you are reading my blog so… she is a clever one she is.

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