A tale of ultimate terror…

They shambled and lurched about me, the hulking husks of once-living souls, like the wrecks of ghost ships floating aimlessly on a restless sea. Dull eyes focused on nothing, they bided their time with the endless patience of the damned. They had no particular hatred for me or the other few newcomers who still clung to some semblance of life. They had no need to speed our journey to oblivion, they knew we would be joining their numbers soon enough.

No breeze stirred the foul and fetid air in that dismal place, to set the dust motes dancing in the few shards of sunlight that made their way through the cracks in the worn and shabby blinds. The only sounds, aside from the moans that escaped the dry, cracked lips of the remnants of once vibrant, living beings, were the endless and discordant rattling of desiccated fingers performing some endless and useless drudgery.

This was a place from which hope had long since departed.

Man, I hate the DMV…

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31 Responses to A tale of ultimate terror…

  1. longchaps2 says:

    Bah,hah, hah. Got me.

  2. benzeknees says:

    Very clever Art!

  3. lrconsiderer says:

    I nearly *snork*ed at the end. Really well done 😀

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  5. JMC813 says:

    I knew there was a punch line coming. It was worth the wait. LOL. The walking dead assisting the driving living. This MUST BE HELL right? They ask you to take a number but EVERY number is 666. Get me outta this place I would rather walk. Good piece Art.

  6. hastywords says:

    OMG this is good. I actually think this of many places lol.
    One time my daughter and I were in line at the grocery store ( a normal trip for us) the day before a big snow storm was to arrive…it was CRAZY. So we literally started playing some music on our phone and started cutting up and laughing because people were SOOOO tense and irritated. It turned out to be fun.

  7. After reading only the first two sentences, I knew it was going to be about the DMV. I think we all hate that place.

  8. Gibber says:

    So do I. They make me cry.

  9. If you’re still in line, start a sing-along. Worked for me the last time I was in a long DMV line.

  10. Doobster418 says:

    Ain’t that the truth?

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