So yeah, we went to the Bay Area for a funeral…

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And I already told you the funny story that went with that. But, just to mix things up, and take a break from the Maui pictures and other weird things going on here, I decided to post all the pictures of this trip… in reverse order…

My wife only stayed for a couple of days, but Mollie and I stayed for a whole week. We left my mom’s house yesterday… Sunday… for the long drive home, and on the way down the hill, we spotted this mother deer and her fawn…

a 1 a 2

They were running along the fence by the waterworks. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter, we spotted this little guy on the other side of the fence…

a 1 a 3

That is the youngest deer I have ever seen in the wild. Let’s zoom in a little, shall we?

a 1 a 4

awwwwwww…. And of course, on the last night before we left, we went up to Grizzly Peak Blvd to see the sunset…

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It was one of those magical nights…

a 1 a 6

I wish my cheap camera could really capture the beauty…

a 1 a 7

There is something about the way the sky slowly changes color …

a 1 a 8

It is a light show on an awesome scale…

a 1 a 9

And then, the millions of lights begin to appear like stars in the sky…

a 1 a 10

And you really just stand there transfixed…

a 1 a 11

There just aren’t any words to describe it. But remember that bridge in the distance, the Oakland Bay bridge, because I am going to be doing a post about it soon. I took Mollie, my 15-year-old, and the step daughter of a friend of mine, on a walk on the new pedestrian walkway on the new part of that bridge, and we walked about 8 miles… like between those two arrows I thoughtfully added to the picture below, and even a little bit more… just so you would have some interesting pictures to look at… and because it was our ‘adventure day’!!!

a 1 a 12

Okay, see you soon.

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10 Responses to So yeah, we went to the Bay Area for a funeral…

  1. benzeknees says:

    I could live there with those kinds of views! As a matter of fact, I would LIKE to live there with those kinds of views!

  2. We get a lot of dear up our way. You would love it. Did you indicate that the span of that bridge is 8 miles long? Or is it 4 and you walked both ways? Either way that is a hell of a long bridge!

    • So far, the pedestrian walkway doesn’t even go all the way to Treasure Island. Which is only half the length of the bridge. But the parking was a long way from the bridge. The sign said nine mile round trip, and we went almost all the way to the end of the walkway.

  3. Julie says:

    now I want a baby deer…… Cutest things ever!

  4. skymunki says:


  5. Dan says:

    San Francisco is where I bought my first purchased painting I spoke of in my “Priceless” post. My first was a sculpture I bought at a local art fair. It was a bearing race polished up and lying flat with long stems sticking upward topped by brass birds in flight. Obviously very modern. Like I said in the post, I should have bought the signed Warhol for $200 when I had the chance back then. Oh well.

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