A beautiful girl, a magical place, some crazy windsurfers, and a frightened dog…

I am still posting pictures of our little trip to the Bay Area backwards… in reverse order… because it’s funny… and because that way, I am saving pictures of my little buddy, Willie, for last…

a 1 a 1

There is Mollie, my daughter, gazing wistfully at San Francisco. Let’s zoom in just a little, but not enough to intrude on her privacy…

a 1 a 2

She sat there for almost an hour, just looking at the view. This is a place you have all seen pictures of in earlier posts… Point Isabel… not too far from my mom’s house.

a 1 a 3

I love that place. My friends and I used to hang out there quite a lot back in my high school days. Now it is a favorite spot for dog walkers. To be honest, Mollie and I went because we missed our dog, Shiloh, and we wanted to pet some random dogs. I made friends with dozens of dogs. Because, you know, dogs and babies love me. I didn’t take pictures of every dog I met. There would be too many pictures.

a 1 a 4

Point Isabel is a good place to look at the bay. It is never the same two days in a row, or even two hours in a row.

a 1 a 5

The light and the clouds or the fog or the haze play tricks with your eyes.

a 1 a 6

Okay, that picture was from another day… so much for doing this backwards… when Mollie was shopping with my mom,  and that time there was fog spilling over the headlands by the Golden Gate bridge…

a 1 a 7

I also took that picture the day I went by myself. It is a picture of a mountain called the sleeping maiden. It has been called that since the native American tribes lived in the Bay Area, before we showed up and took over and began messing things up. Some of you have said you can’t see a maiden no matter how hard you look at the mountain, so I am giving it one last try… with hints… Maybe you have to squint your eyes a little.

a 1 a 8

Anyway, that day that Mollie and I went, there were some windsurfers out. It was the perfect day for that… lots of wind…

a 1 a 9

It takes guts to go out in that water. It is cold. And there are some strong currents and pretty big waves for inside a bay.

In fact, it was so cold and choppy that this little guy ran into some trouble…

a 1 a 10

I think he swam too far and got chilled, and the waves were bouncing him onto the rocks. I climbed down and helped him get out and climb back up. He barked at me… hey, he was terrified… but he let me help…

a 1 a 11

His owner said she was surprised that he didn’t bite me.

But I wasn’t.


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14 Responses to A beautiful girl, a magical place, some crazy windsurfers, and a frightened dog…

  1. benzeknees says:

    I still don’t see the maiden, but I liked the other pics! There’s a rock similar to this near Thunder Bay, ON – it at least looks like a sleeping giant which is what it’s called.

  2. Babies and dogs. Maybe you should run for office.

  3. Wonderful pictures. Like your daughter, I would have sat out there for ever! Last October I visited my mom in Monterey and we took a day trip to SF. 🙂 You are a great dog rescuer.

  4. That was Waldenesque.

  5. Sweet daughter.
    Darling black non-biting puppy!
    Love the photos, too. x

  6. If the dog had bitten you, would that mean you’d have rabid crack squirrels?

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