I have something I have to do today, so I am recycling an old post.

Here is a little poem I wrote, way back in the 70s…

It requires no explanation, and I didn’t bother to put in any pictures…


…Who’s Crazy?…

Well the sun was shining clear and bright,

In the middle of the cold, dark night,

As a song bird whistled loud and clear,

A song that none of us could hear…

“I see,” said the blind, old codger,

Talking to his deaf brother Roger,

I hate him so ’cause he’s my best friend,

This could be the start of a very good end…

Everything I say must be true,

‘Cause I only lie when I’m talking to you,

You say it’s clear why you’re confused,

By a brand-new antique that’s never been used…

Well the lady bought a whale that wasn’t for sale,

But the whale couldn’t swim ’cause it couldn’t tell a tale,

She gave it to you, but you stole it from yourself,

And mailed it to him, I have it sitting on my shelf…

I escaped from the jail that I was shown,

And mailed myself to me, so I wouldn’t be alone,

I never had no visitors, it was always too crowded,

“Am I talking too softly?” the old lady shouted…

No, it sounds just fine if I refuse to listen,

I don’t know where I am, so I must be missin’,

She said she loved him at our marriage ceremony,

As a wedding gift, we got the original phony…

Now that you’ve heard my happy tale of woe,

You can stick around, as long as you go,

Well that made sense or it would have made a dollar,

I got laryngitis, so I gave my Doc. a holler…

If it’s worth a lot of money, just give it away,

Tomorrow ain’t yesterday until it’s today,

Everybody knows that a genius is a fool,

If he swims in a cup and drinks a swimming pool…

But they also know that a fool is smart,

If he used a sledgehammer to break his lover’s heart,

My boss gave me a job being unemployed,

I ain’t gonna worry, just ’cause I’m paranoid…

It’s a fine old job, and the pay is just great,

And they don’t get mad if I come in late,

Now I’m living on my own with my mom and dad,

And the feeling that I have is that I’ve been had…

But being had ain’t a bad thing to be,

When you live in a cave in the top of a tree,

“Who says I’m crazy?” screamed the lunatic,

“I never felt better, except when I was sick.”

So they locked me up and threw away the key,

Then they let me go, so I could come and visit me,

But I sent me away ’cause I didn’t like my looks,

And I watched the television while I read a couple books…

Then I talked to me, and me talked to I,

And I believed what I said when I told us a lie,

I mean, after all, I have such an honest face,

Is the Earth in inner or outer space?…

Who says I’m crazy, who says I flipped my wig?

It’s hard to be a midget when you’re this damn big,

Who says I’m crazy, who says I’m flipping out?

“I don’t need to yell,” I whispered in a shout…

I know I’m not crazy, I’m as sane as all the rest,

Oh, he’s good, all right, he’s the worst of all the best,

And I’d just like to say, to end my little rhyme,

I absolutely, positively, definitely think that I’m…

… Not Crazy!!!…

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12 Responses to I have something I have to do today, so I am recycling an old post.

  1. I hate to be riding on Trent’s coat tails again but…yeah, what he said!

  2. Trent Lewin says:

    Holy geez man, that’s freakin excellent. For the record, you are crazy, but the poem is mad good. Some really awesomely clever rhymes.

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