Dear religious gay-haters of Arizona, ***warning, this post contains sarcasm and irony, and may offend some stupid people… if I did it right***

I just want you to know that I fully support your right to express your opinions… no matter how stupid and hateful and bigoted and evil they are… because that is what makes our country great. We let stupid people voice their opinions.

I like it when closed-minded people give us public displays of their ignorance. For one thing, I find it vastly amusing. But more importantly, it brings you out in the open where we can all keep our eyes on you. It is the stupid people we don’t know about that are dangerous.

I am not going to do a post about how obnoxious it is when the people who are the least qualified to interpret the bible end up being the spokespeople for the good and decent people who put their faith in that book. Or about how your singular ability to only quote the parts of the bible that suit your own narrow-minded agenda never fails to amaze me, and how you always forget the part where it tells you not to judge other people. I have done posts about that already.

This post is just about the crazy idea that some of you had that you can decide not to serve people who are gay just because you do not like what they do in their personal lives. Seriously, did you even try to think this through? If you don’t want to serve people that you don’t agree with, don’t work in the SERVICE industries. If you don’t want to sell donuts to gay people, don’t sell donuts. If you don’t want to let them stay in your charming bed and breakfast inn, well… sorry, you screwed yourself on that one, because they are your biggest customer base.

But can you really not see the slippery slope this opens up? Where do we draw the line here? Are you going to decide not to serve Muslims or minorities next? Can a doctor refuse to treat someone who he disagrees with? The only thing I am sure of is that when it comes to picking the people who get to decide who has to serve who, you are the last people on my list for that job.

Now we come to the really ironic part of this whole mess. The reason that the bill was vetoed is because a lot of very brave and very big companies decided that they wouldn’t stay in Arizona if this bill passed. Money talks and politicians walk. You know what this means, right? It means that big hotels and big airlines and a bunch of other corporate entities decided that maybe they do not want to serve stupid people.

You see the irony, don’t you?

Well, maybe you don’t… because you are freaking stupid… so let me break it down for you…

You wanted to express your religious freedom by saying you have the right to discriminate against people that you feel superior to. And corporate America decided to express its financial freedom by using the power of money against people that we all feel superior to… stupid people.

The difference is that you are not superior to gay people. You just think you are. But we are superior to you. Because we aren’t stupid.

I have to admit that I almost with the law had passed. Because then, the rest of us would be able to pass laws that let us discriminate against the stupid.

And if the law had passed, I sort of wish that Jesus had then come back… as a gay man… and you turned him away from your charming little bed and breakfast inn… because that would be some sweet, delicious irony right there.

And if the law had passed, I sort of wish that Jesus had then come back… as a gay man… and you turned him away from your charming little bed and breakfast inn… because that would be some sweet, delicious irony right there.

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101 Responses to Dear religious gay-haters of Arizona, ***warning, this post contains sarcasm and irony, and may offend some stupid people… if I did it right***

  1. Trent Lewin says:

    Yes! High fives and fist pumps all around, my man, I am proud of you for writing this. Totally bang on, I don’t care why this thing was called back, just glad it was. And while we’re at it, they’ve criminalized homosexuality in India and Uganda… which are obviously the nearest possible comparators to Arizona… boggles the mind. We move further ahead and then get tripped up like this… but this is a great post, because I think most people get it. I really think that. I think we are smarter now than ever, no matter how cruel we can be. Like I’ve said before, our kids are going to save the world. I really think so, and I really think they won’t tolerate all this silly stuff. Down with dumb people!

  2. LVital7019 says:

    George Takei would so love this. 🙂

  3. stephrogers says:

    Standing ovation. Thank you. A long slow round of applause to you. This was brilliant and hilarious all at once

  4. I don’t think that the US has more “stone age morons” than other countries. It is my belief that stone age morons are just louder than intelligent civilized humans so we hear them more.
    I applaud your thoughts on this one, Art.

    • Thanks you. It just seems like small, loud minorities of the stupid are hijacking everything. Take the Tea Party. They are not a majority in the republican party, but they are loud… and they seem to have more power than their numbers should account for… and they make the republicans look even crazier…

  5. Do you think America has more Stone Age morons than most countries or is it that we just hear about these fuckers all the time?

  6. joehoover says:

    Must try their tact in my business, I’m sure my boss will have no problem turning money away. Maybe I will but only to stupid people, with the power I wield in the lighting industry I could plunge these people into darkness (evil maniacal laughter)

    It’s estimated the cost of raising a child to adulthood is circa £200,000. Yes many gay people have kids, but the majority don’t. That’s £200k extra I have to spend over my lifetime, less the cost of raising a cat, equals…a shitload of money these people would be denying themselves the opportunity to benefit from.

  7. REDdog says:

    Rant away brother! As a believer who has a problem with Christians I struggle with this kind of thing. Our pollies downunder are a pack of morons and often profess to be Christian and then do the polar opposite like imprison refugees when they survive their boat trip or…ad infinitum, ad nauseum. When did stupid become so fucking fashionable? Glad to hear the bill was voted down.

  8. Elyse says:

    I’m so glad that this was vetoed.

    But there are a whole lot of stupid laws that have been enacted, enshrined stupidity. Beginning with our gun laws … or maybe not beginning there. The list, sadly is long.

    It used to be that stupidity was frowned upon. Now it is praised and the proponents of stupidity head right to the head of the GOP. Which used to be run by the educated classes, not the classless folks who pray on stupidity.

    Oops, you got me going too, Art!

  9. Cynthia says:

    Nailed it! Thanks!

  10. Love this:” I find it vastly amusing.” And the keep you enemies closer reference.

  11. Julie says:

    Why oh why must everyone have a… I can’t think of the word.. not title… oh darn. Why must we catagorise everyone and then put them on a scale. which is better, and of course I am better than most. I don’t get it. Perhaps there is something wrong with me. I do not feel better about myself or superior to someone else when I have to claw my way over them so I can stand on them. I feel worse about myself. Jesus is the person on the street that most avoid. The disabled homeless person hiding in the shadows. Jesus is the person in the line at the food pantry. Jesus is all people, and He is ashamed of those who belittle, or look down upon His brothers or sisters, and will be ashamed of those before his Father. Amen.

  12. El Guapo says:

    Well said, Arthur!

    And we don’t just let them speak. Hell, some people vote for them.

  13. You know I was raised as a Christian by abusive people who used the bible to suit them. I hate that Christians behave this way. I agree that they’re stupid. It’s supposed to be about love, not judgement and discrimination. I agree with you’re saying as a Christian. I’m so glad that the bill was vetoed! I hope it never comes up again but it likely will. It is a slippery slope to history repeating itself!

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