I LIKE MONKEYS By Arthur Browne

Yay… the first review of my Children’s book… well, except for that one supposedly done by my little buddy Willie, but to be honest, I wrote that one myself…


So there has been this monkey on my back.  A cute, overgrown, loveable monkey waiting patiently for me to write a review about his book.  Most everyone knows Arthur Browne author of the infamous blog Pouring My Art Out.  Arthur is the king of monkeying around and the blogosphere would not be the same without him.  In fact, Arthur kind of reminds me of a monkey in that he is curious, always up for anything, good-natured and silly. He recently wrote a children’s book in which I purchased a few as gifts at Christmas time.  Although the book is geared to children younger than HastyKid, who is nearly 10; she enjoyed it and even had a few compliments for me to pass on to Arthur.

HastyKid compliments:

Really awesome monkey pictures.

Little kids will be able to read the bigger letters much easier than they could a chapter…

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2 Responses to I LIKE MONKEYS By Arthur Browne

  1. Cimmorene says:

    Congratulations, Art. Way to go! I always like to see another storyteller get published.

    • Thanks so much. I have been telling kids for years that I like monkeys, just to see what they would say back to me. The brilliance is all theirs… although I am sort of proud of my watercolor paintings.

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