I am now stalking boy bands on Twitter…

(or): Really, One Direction? What the hell have I done with my life???

Okay, it isn’t as creepy as it sounds… not really… Most of you know how this whole thing started. I began tweeting for one reason only. Because my older daughter, Jessica, was on Twitter, and I knew it would drive her crazy if I started doing it. And then I got the idea that if I sent funny, clever comments and Photoshop pictures to celebrities and they actually answered me back then my daughter might think I was cool again, like she did when she was a little kid.

And it worked. She told me that if I could get someone really famous to tweet me back, she would get on Facebook and admit to people that I was cool. So after months of hard work, I managed to get responses from:

Ricky Gervais, and English comedian

James May, from that English show Top Gear

Eric Idle, from Monty Python… he is really nice…

William Shatner, from the original Star Trek

and Dana Carvey, from Saturday Night Live and such movies as Wayne’s World… I will have you know that Mr. Carvey is actually following me on Twitter, and favorites lots of my stuff, so there.

And Jessica did indeed go on Facebook and said I was ‘cooler than her’, not a small deal for a twenty-something year-old to do.

But, and here is the thing… that thing that always shows up in my plans… I asked, the other day, if there were any famous people who I could try to get a Tweet shout out from, that would impress my fourteen-year-old daughter Mollie. And she said One Direction. I should have seen it coming. She typed their names into the Twitter search thing herself, because I have no idea what their names are, even though I know a lot about their music from taking long car trips with her.

So lately, I have found myself sending tweets to these guys. Not clever stuff like I used to do. This is more like: Please, send me a tweet saying hi to my daughter, Mollie. She loves you guys.

Yes, I am a little disgusted with myself.

But I am an awesome dad.


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69 Responses to I am now stalking boy bands on Twitter…

  1. djmatticus says:

    I don’t think I’ll be impressed until you get a tweet response from someone on the E-Street Band.

  2. joehoover says:

    I’ve seen some of those One Direction lads around where I live. Shall I approach them next time and force them to answer your tweets?

  3. Trent Lewin says:

    Sometimes, you gotta take one for the team… who am I kidding, I just vomitted in my mouth.

  4. This post is wild: not a criticism; but a good thing in this case. Your pictures are great. Your content is seriously happening. Way to go. Worth my time to visit your blog. And, by the way, thanks for stopping by Wilder Man on Rolling Creek. I never thought about “Zebulon” … sounding like an alien planet. But, now that you mention it …. Okay. I’m out. T

  5. You are an amazingly awesome dad!!! Way to put yourself out there for your kids! All my mom ever did was threatened us with pulling her shirt off in public should we not behave, LOL…

  6. Yes, you are a great dad. (And thanks for letting her choose the music in the car)

  7. Delilah says:

    Aww, that’s great. I am thanking the heavens that my kid is not into One Direction. Yesterday in carpool she explained to her friend that Nikola Tesla started out working for Thomas Edison and how Thomas wasn’t really the first one to invent the lightbulb, he was just the one who got the patent for it first. I was such a happy mom. However, she is a fan of Taylor Swift so you can’t win them all.

  8. caslee2000 says:

    I feel your pain! I’ve been fortunate, so far, to have two children who do not listen to One Direction. Yet. I’m sure my day will come. Way to go, awesome dad!

  9. Why yes you are an awesome dad!

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