Silly advice…

I am going to tell you a simple little thing that will make your life better.

You can use your mouth to make things more fun… no… that isn’t what I meant… get your mind out of the gutter…

I mean that your mouth can make sounds that can help improve your life. I was out in the yard this morning scooping up dog poop… bear with me, it gets better… and I noticed that I was singing a funny little opera song while I did it. I didn’t even know that I did that, but evidently I do. The song only has three words, repeated over and over again to whatever made-up, opera-sounding song I feel like using, with parts from real opera songs thrown in.

The words to this song are: scoopa da poopa… sometimes I throw an ‘I’ in front of the line, just to mix it up. Occasionally, in my best opera voice and Italian accent, I will do a little creative bit like: I scoopa it here, I scoopa it there, I scoopa da poopa everywhere. Now you may not see how me wandering around the yard with a bunch of poo singing to myself is helpful, but the thing is… oh, thing, I do love you so… that I was having more fun than if I wasn’t singing.

And I started thinking about it, and I realized how many times in a day I use a sound or a silly song to make something boring a little more fun. When I chase the dog around the backyard, I always yell, “bugbugbugbugbugbugbugbug”… I guess I am really just saying the word ‘bug’ over and over really fast in a sort of cartoony voice , but the dog likes it and it makes me smile. I also do this weird thing with my arms where I hold them against my sides and only move my forearms so I look a little like a tyrannosaurus rex who might be suffering from some sort of a mental disorder while I run around chasing the dog, but let’s save that for another time, shall we?

I also like to walk around in the middle of summer whistling Christmas songs. Try it sometime. People give you a funny look, and then can’t help smiling.

Here is a really useful one. If you  are doing chores, or shopping at the market, or trying to get ready to go out, and you are having trouble getting your thoughts organized, whistle or hum the theme song from Mission Impossible. I like to do it as words… bum bum, ba ba, bum bum, ba ba bum bum ba ba bum bum, ba ba, do doo doo, doo doo doo… etc…

Try it. It works. You find yourself moving faster and being more organized.

But by far my favorite sounds are the ones I have been making up and perfecting over the years that I use when I see a baby. Babies love my silly noises! Remind me to make a video on the Ipad  to show you what I look like when I see a baby… that would be fun…. except so far I haven’t been able to figure out how to get a video from there to my blog… because I am a computer moron… sigh

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312 Responses to Silly advice…

  1. dustylizard says:

    Singing Eye of the Tiger while doing boring chores can get you moving, too.

  2. djmatticus says:

    Hooray for Christmas tunes in summer! Then again, I pretty much sing them all year long. And, I’m singing or humming or whistling something all day long anyway, so really it’s not surprising that Christmas tunes come up a lot.

  3. benzeknees says:

    Kelvin always quacks like Donald Duck when he sees a baby or toddler. I, the one every baby loves, just wink & they love it. They start to laugh & gurgle & reach out their arms to me.

  4. hiddinsight says:

    I agree. Been doing this (non publibly) for years. Sometimes I will throw in a random scream just to feel alive. And occassionally, I have noticed how almost anything can make a functional microphone…well, except for maybe the dog poo.

  5. I concur 🙂
    And that’s the exact sort of daft stuff I do around my g/f or on my own when hopefully no one is listening. It definitely helps to make something less mundane and distract the mind from some routine tasks.
    That’s probably why fishermen or slaves used song to get through the day.

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