Inner View… #5

My next interview is with a very good friend of mine, my old pal Zoe. She has a blog: where she helps people get over the trauma of physical abuse, and she has more courage and strength than anybody I ever met. She also runs a little thing called: That is a website where artists and writers and poets and musicians can get their work showcased. I have had a few poems and songs and my tiki carvings shown there… but only because Zoe walks me through it because I am a computer moron. And, if you saw the post not to long ago, she has one of my paintings in her house somewhere in the frozen North.

She is also the one who helps me with all my tech questions and problems, and helped me make the new changes here on the blog. Notice how nicely formatted her interview is, with the different colors and everything, even though I did the same emailing process with her that I did with everybody else… because she is a genius…

Here is the interview:


1. What do you like best about my blog?
Well my presence on it of course and I guess I should say you, right?
(Well, we do rock)
2. Do you like monkeys?
You’re one right?  I do like them, I’ve even held one when I was in Trinidad
(Well now I am just jealous)
3. If you won a free, month-long trip to Paris, but each day for one hour you had to stand under the Eifel Tower naked, would you still go?
Nope, don’t like naked and don’t like travel. I think I would pass the trip along to Trent Lewin word has it, that he’s all for it!
(Ummm… sorry about that… in retrospect, that was a really stupid question to ask you, of all people… sorry)
4. What makes your blog unique?
 Which blog? I showcase art on one. The other I don’t know if it’s unique at all. I’m a survivor, I care about survivors and I hope when people drop by that’s what they feel. 
(See, I am learning something here… asking the same questions to people is going to lead to some problems)
5. If you were in charge of the universe, what is the first order you would issue?
For all government staff to be paid minimum wage and have no medical coverage or any sort of coverage.
(holy cow, you just solved all the world’s problems)
6. What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
Why would I share that with the world??  You go first Arthur!
(The advantage of asking the questions is that I don’t have to answer them… also, I am sure I have done a post about every embarrassing thing I ever did… and once again sorry, that was a stupid question to ask you)
7. Would you rather spend the day with an adult, a kid, or a baby?
A baby, they make more sense!
(Yeah they do)
8. What, in your opinion, is the worst thing that Dick Cheney ever did?
(Oh, that is why I love you frozen tundra people… you have one Rob Ford… we have one in half the cities in the country… and because your igloos don’t even have TV’s in them, I guess)
9. What is the worst thing that you ever did?
Nothing I’m perfect, I thought you knew that by now!
(I did know that, actually)
10. If you could have dinner with one fictional character… including cartoons… who would you pick?
Shhh….be vwery vwery qwuite, I’m hunting wabbits. Elmer Fudd of course. Who else, he should be king….
(Oh… whoops… I think that after I did that Photoshop picture of him in a hunting lodge surrounded by the heads and skins of a bunch of other cartoon characters, they erased all the pictures of him)
11. If you were locked in a room with a knife, a barbeque, and a living cow, would you die of starvation before you could bring yourself to kill and eat the cow?
I would give it my best effort but if the cow began to look like a hamburger or beef, there’s no telling…
(Um… I hate to be the one to break this to you, but no animal just begins to look like a plate of food… you have to… do stuff to it… with the knife and the barbeque first)
12. What one word describes your blog best?
Blog 1 :Art
Blog 2: Abuse
(Okay, that was easy)
13. Is there one celebrity that you would leave your family for if they declared their undying love for you
Leave my family??
(Ahhh… why didn’t I realize how poorly suited these questions were for you? Why don’t I ever think things through? Pardon me… I am going to go whip the crack squirrels)
14. If I got my hands on a photo of you and did funny things to you in Photoshop for a whole week, but you had no input into what I actually did to you, and I posted everything I did, would you be okay with that? And can I have a picture of you?
Does over my dead body answer that question for you?
(Oh yeah… nobody has ever seen a picture of you… or the real you… has your husband even seen you?)
15. What makes you cry?
abuse, the thought of my Hubby dying, pictures of Arthur, talk of crack squirrels…
(Awwww…. that is so … hey… wait… okay, the crack squirrel part is funny, but pictures of me make you cry? That is just crazy talk, because I happen to know you adore me!!!)
16. If you could cuss out one famous person, living or dead, who would that be?
Only one?? I’m Canadian don’t I get more than one like Trent did??  I’m with Trent Hitler, Osama Bin Laudin, any other controlling abusing evil people.
(I can see how you might have a long list of people to cuss out… if you ever want to use my blog for a whole week just to do that, let me know)
17. Tell me the truth, do you really like me?
Do I have time to think about this? Still thinking…..Yeah thinking….
(I realize the pressure of being funny here is driving you insane, because once again, we all know you worship the ground I walk on)
18. What kind of circus trick would you like to be able to do?
I hate circus’ but if there were no animals involved than a trapeze artist or contortionist (get your minds out of the gutter!) 
(My mind is never in the gutter… but even when it is, I am staring up at the stars, not trying to look up your skirt)
19. Which drug side effects from those TV commercials disturb you the most?
Anal leakage and I only know of that one thanks to you Arthur! Now how the hell do I get those mental pictures out of my head?!
(Holy crap… uh… no pun intended… how can you not know about anal leakage? What kind of medications do you Canadianoids make that don’t have anal leakage as a side effect? I am now against Obama care! Socialized medicine is evil… we want our medications with ALL the side effects!!!!!!)
20. Who the hell do you think you are?
Who the hell do you think you are asking me that? Is this questioning ever going to end, geeze, I feel like I’m in court..
(You have the right to remain silent! But you won’t… I have seen you comment… you are almost as bad as me)
21. Now tell us why we should follow you…
Drop by and find out why for yourselves
(I told them they should do that)
Just for you…
22. What can we expect to find on your blog?
Well my first blog my story of survival. If you want to know more feel free to drop by.
My second blog/website is a place where we showcase the arts in all forms free. It’s a way for us to give back to the art community. 
(Come on people, this stuff is from the heart. You can get your work shown to tons of creative people… or you can talk with other survivors of the horrible stuff people do to other people and gain strength and the will to go on… I think that covers most of the bases)
23. How do you live where the snow is deeper than you are tall?
Well my first thought is very carefully, but we all know Arthur is no smartass. Pft couldn’t even type that without laughing. So I do a lot of shovelling, I had to learn to use the snow plow, and I have a husband who is 6 ft ‘8″  if all else fails. Just for the mental pic, I’m 5 ft 1.
(Please don’t give us that mental image… because Trent is going to read this, and now you know he is going to do inappropriate jokes about that)
24. Have you got a frame for the painting I sent you yet?
What painting?
(You are driving me crazy, woman! I still want my five bucks… and the shipping costs… and in real American dollars, no coins made out of ice or paper with pictures of the Queen on one side and a polar bear on the other)
25. Do you know how awesome I think it is that you think of me as a big brother? 
Well I thought I thought of you as a crazy old man with crack squirrels. But I guess a big brother and crazy old man could be one in the same! Right big brother?!
(They can and we are!!!)
(Thank you, little sister)
Now go and check her out… or her monstrously oversized husband will track you down and walk on your head wearing snowshoes… and I might just help him. It would be fun to hang around with someone taller than me. I never get to do that.

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195 Responses to Inner View… #5

  1. hastywords says:

    She is one of my favorite bloggers

  2. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    Grrrrreat interview with an amazing person! I am enjoying these interviews…may even come back.

  3. I love this interview but that’s cos I’m also biased, I follow this blogger and find her inspirational. Pretty great sense of humour too!! In the face of despair, adversity and challenges, I always in awe at the resilience some people have.!! Great great interview!! Oliana

  4. 1jaded1 says:

    Best interview eveah…

  5. Love Zoe’s answers and your quips back were pretty good too…. ‘comedy routine for sure’.. Diane

  6. secretangel says:

    LOL… awesome post…

  7. Arthur you are not kidding. I totally thought she and I were having that conversation on my blog!

  8. Twindaddy says:

    What just happened?

  9. Trent Lewin says:

    Aw, that’s an awesome interview. Zoe, you rock. And I didn’t know you had another blog, so I will have to check that out.

  10. Crazy good answers! Nice interview…colors! (the bar is set high now…)

  11. areed090290 says:

    I can relate to this a lot. Made me tear up a little… not gonna lie. Thanks for putting it out there, seriously. People need to see there are others out there like this that are okay. You’re doing an amazing thing here. Both of you.

  12. Reblogged this on behindthemaskofabuse and commented:

    I got interviewed by this crazy guy, check it out, you just might get a giggle or two. There is hope!

  13. Oh man I’m laughing so hard! My work is done, I drove you crazy!

  14. Al says:

    Love them answers. I can’t go and follow either of those blogs on account of already doing so,

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