And now, random pictures of… stuff…

a 1

There… that is a picture of San Francisco in the haze. I know it drives some of you crazy when I post a lot of things in one day, but I want to finish up the pictures of our trip to the Bay Area so I can move on to other things. I took that picture on a walk near my mom’s house. Man, I love that city.

a 2

It was an awesome trip, and an awesome Christmas.

a 3

I took just a few photos of flowers in my mom’s backyard, just because I am an artist, and the colors moved me. I love a nice, purple-blue color.

a 4

Although an out-of-focus straight purple is nice as well.

a 5

You gotta love flowers.

a 6

I was out on my mom’s deck, and I saw this crow swooping on a red-tailed hawk. You see this quite a bit. Hawks are better at diving than aerobatics.  So the crows and sometimes the mocking birds or blue jays will try to chase them away. But this time, the hawk’s mate showed up and the crow wisely beat a retreat. I wish I had gotten a picture of both hawks chasing the crow, but I missed it.

a 7

Whenever we leave my mom’s house, my brother lights off at least one firework. That always marks the end of a vacation there.

a 8

This is how you know your trip is over. It ends with a somewhat somber bang.

a 9

Goodbye again, for now, oh lovely city by the bay.

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14 Responses to And now, random pictures of… stuff…

  1. janeybgood says:

    These pictures are majestical. Almost as majestical as unicorn poop.

  2. benzeknees says:

    It looks so hazy there, is it smog? Or is it fog? I would find it really difficult for my breathing in a place where you can actually see the air.

  3. Did you see Hopsters post? It’s about you 😉

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