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Stalking Wil Wheaton…

I am still on my quest to get celebrities to tweet me back on Twitter so my older daughter admits I am cool again.  Today, Wil Wheaton did a contest for people who do Photoshop. He put a picture of … Continue reading

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Twit Wit… Part 20…

More of my tweets… tweets so sweet, it will rot your mind… oh, yeah! ——————————————— *I am not a ‘glass is half empty’ kind of guy… I am a ‘why the hell is this glass so small?’ kind of guy… … Continue reading

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The saga continues…

I just sent book two of The Otherwhere Chronicles to my friend for editing. Then it goes to Jessica to be sent to the publisher. Then I have to order one copy to proofread it. Then it goes up in … Continue reading

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