About chapter five… some historical notes…

Some of you may be wondering about that top-secret RAF bomber unit I wrote about in chapter five of the novel. I didn’t just make that up. There was a secret airbase near Tempsford in central Bedfordshire. It was called the most secret airbase in England by a writer long after the war.

The airstrip was used to drop SOE agents… that is the British Special Operations Executive, they were like our OSS, the Office of Strategic Services that changed into the CIA after the war… and supplies into occupied territory behind German lines. These clandestine missions were flown in aircraft that were painted black and had no markings. Halifax bombers were used among many other types of airplane, including smaller ones that would actually land on small grass fields at night to pick up agents or people escaping the Germans or even allied airman on the run.

This whole project was directly under the supervision of Winston Churchill, who came up with many of these kinds of ideas himself.

I admit that I made up the bit about the moving trees used to hide the airfield, but this sort of thing was done during the war, so it is not implausible.


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17 Responses to About chapter five… some historical notes…

  1. benzeknees says:

    I didn’t question any of these details because I had heard about these clandestine goings on during the war.

  2. You can’t beat a little Lysander for clandestine missions.

  3. WilderSoul says:

    Very interesting! How on earth did you manage to stir up an interest in military history in someone like me????

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