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Chapter Four… Honor Misplaced…

HONOR MISPLACED Arthur Browne Chapter Four     Charlie led Kat down to the basement which was now being used as a bomb shelter. They shuffled down the stairwell along with all the secretaries, police personnel and even a small group … Continue reading

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WordPress is messing with my crack squirrels…

Is anybody else noticing that the stuff in the comment boxes in the drop down menu is now cutting off in the middle of words when a sentence runs to the end of the box? It looks like this: Oh Pouingmyartout, … Continue reading

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I don’t know what to call this one…

Look inside-reach inside-go inside-explore yourself-down past the drama and the look at me-past the shallow-past the chores, the tasks-push through the wants-all the way down into the soul swamp-the lizard brain-dig with your mind fingers-root through the needs-sift the dream … Continue reading

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