The dark side… Part 3…

Sooner or later, Elmer is going to get lucky…

a 2See, I was originally going to go with this picture…

a 1But I am trying to be more mature.

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31 Responses to The dark side… Part 3…

  1. lyndzeerae27 says:

    Well I’m pretty sure you have just inadvertently scarred my son from ever enjoying an Elmer Fudd cartoon again.

    There I am scrolling through my reader whilst the kid is playing with his train track on the floor beneath me, and what catches his eye? Yes you guessed it this lovely photo-shopped pic you have created (the first one, let me be clear)

    So how was I to know that when I clicked on the post to read more, there would be a picture of Elmer blowing poor Bugs’ guts right out of his body.

    “Wha- what is happening there Mama” The 4 year old boy asks me immediately after seeing the catastrophe for himself.

    I tell him that it’s just pretend, and make a mental note to never again open one of your posts in front of my children.

    I should have known better!
    LOL 😉

    • I am so sorry. You know I love kids… That being said, I am taking the PG rating off the table this week… I will put an appropriate warning up… sorry… you can make him feel better by getting him a copy of my kid’s book as soon as it is finished… there… shameless plug mixed with true remorse… where else can you get that?

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    Like the second pic better…LMAO.

  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Marvin! Nooooooooooo!

  4. djmatticus says:

    Maturity is overrated!

  5. Trent Lewin says:

    Oh my god. My kids were looking over my shoulder when these photos came up. You have ruined their childhood too. You monster.

  6. Now we’re talking! The Fudd!! Trying and doing btw are not the same thing! lol

  7. benzeknees says:

    First shot is more PG!

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