How I can turn the brilliant work of an awesome blogger into a shameless self-promotion…

I have this friend who has a blog. He is on a level that I can only hope to reach one day. He did a post this morning, a post about writing. And as I have a habit of doing with blogs that are far better than mine, I tried to type in a comment that would get me noticed. Because that is the kind of shallow, self-absorbed, attention-seeking person that I am.

Here is a link to the post…


And here is the supposedly clever comment I typed in…

This is why I keep my blog separate from my writing. I mean, obviously I write on my blog. And I post stuff that I do write… like when I was doing the chapters of my novel way back when. Every now and then I will write something on the blog that has promise, and I put those aside to develop. And rarely, I will do a poem or a post about something where the words truly dance, and then I think to myself… I wrote that like I give a shit.


And here is the question that he asked in return, because he always sees right through my pathetic bullshit…

Art, Here’s a question for you. Do you personally think there is a difference between a blogger and a writer? Le Clown


And here is what I answered…

Only in the sense that anybody can have a blog. But not everybody can really write. I mean, anyone can type words. But to make the words dance, to take flight, to go somewhere worth going, to pour out your soul or your heart, to make others feel emotions, to bring them to tears, or rage, or longing… to describe a flower and make it more beautiful than the real thing… to invent an entire universe populated with living, breathing creatures that don’t actually exist, but somehow they do… to capture in small, black letters all the realties that ever were or ever could or couldn’t be… to suck people’s minds into the page or the screen, to take them somewhere else… no… not everyone can do that just because they signed up for WordPress…


And here is the thing… there is always a thing…

That was actually not at all bad. Sometimes I can write like I give a shit.

But if you want to read some stuff by someone who always does everything like he gives a shit, go and visit Le Clown.

And maybe we can talk about this some more. Maybe we can delve into how we each pick our words, and the process behind our particular voices. Maybe we can even discover something worth while by using words to learn more about words…


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290 Responses to How I can turn the brilliant work of an awesome blogger into a shameless self-promotion…

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  2. You spoke my thoughts in the response to his response ques. Good for you. I long since noticed the difference between bloggers and writers – not that they don’t overlap.

  3. List of X says:

    Honestly, I don’t like to think of myself either a blogger or a writer. I write no personal stuff to fully match the “web log” form from which the word “blog” originated – nor I claim to possess a sufficient command of grammar, coherence, and story development to call myself a writer. I’d use a label “e-comedian”, but I expect that if I ever have to explain what I do, I’d just get “Oh, so you’re a blogger!”.

  4. Thanks to you and Le Clown for this exchange. I think you give a shit. Most of us do. The challenge is to plant our ass in the chair, dig deep, stay real, go beyond the small town of our own lives, and write.

  5. 1jaded1 says:

    I just like reading what you say.

  6. Hi. Was shutting things down for the night when noticed Le Clown left a top that stuff was going on here that related to his posts/comment on his blog. He’s right. This is a great topic ( but I’m tired) So, Bloggers and writers are different – but can be the same – or neither, just clutter and alphabet soup. Word Press is like the town square – or a country fair with everyone hawking wares – trying to get you to buy – or lure you in ( that sounds lurid?) or purposely being obnoxious for attention. It’s a wild and crazy mix. I just read what is offered and try to take each as it is – demanding it be nothing more than it is. That someone took time to put something into words is enough – sort of a gift…sometimes the ugly lamp or outfit you’d never wear, but out of habit, I try to be polite – to encourage those who don’t realize they are writers emerging. Writers or bloggers – who knows…there are so many masks and other destinations for words. But what a wealth!
    Nicely done ( I’d throw in some insults or clever stuff or puns….but the dog must go out and it’s late – nicely done….won’t blow your image)

  7. Art and Le Clown,

    I have explored this topic of this before…actually, every time I read a blog post that was well written, I think about what went into it…blood, sweat and tears. Well, maybe not blood. Maybe that one’s just me. Most of the blogs that I read are witty and very well written. It might not be a prerequisite for me reading you, but it’s like the icing on the cake. And I like icing. My scale however, does not.

    Wendy xo

  8. joehoover says:

    Interesting question posed. I think some Bloggers can crown themselves writers as they are a hell of a lot better than people who make money writing for a living. Then by that token we say you are a writer as you earn off it. But if we hark back a while writers just wrote without the money angle. I love that Bloggers can write so well for their hobby, god knows how they find the time to be brilliant consistently whilst juggling the rest of their lives.

  9. benzeknees says:

    Your answer to LeClown’s question wasn’t half bad! Is this your daughter writing on your blog again?

  10. Vagina says:

    I read this earlier today and have been thinking about it ever since. I think the question is are you writing for yourself…or for others? Before the internet people wrote on things like paper, and typewriters….my mom even had one of those word processor machines from the early 90’s and I used to write on that thing all the time. Now we have the blogging community and people from everywhere can share every thought they have in their head with everyone!! If the intent of your writing is to make others laugh, cry, or take them on a journey, and your intent is to have more and more people read what you write, then it becomes writing for others. I have read many blogs that are strictly designed like a person’s diary. Very personal, and basically just about their life. This is more of a journal than writing in my opinion. If a person is not concerned at all with how many people read it, or concerned with the outcome, then it seems the intent is different. I have no idea if i am making any sense at all. I began blogging because I wanted to make people laugh through my writing. I love it when I get comments that I made someone laugh, or I made their day. That is my intent for writing the story I wrote.

  11. ddupre315 says:

    I’m a blogger and definitely not a writer. My blog makes very little sense, has no real structure and faintly resembles a badly created book of memories, of sorts. I write like I talk which is why I insert a lot of commas in my sentences. I pause a lot. lol There is no part of me that remotely thinks that I could be a writer. I can’t really comment on others because honestly, I don’t read their blogs with a critical eye for writing ability, I simply read them for enjoyment or to provoke some thought on a subject.

    The difference to me? A writer looks closely at sentence structure, paragraph formation, etc. Pays attention more to the writing style. A blogger is more of a thoughts on a page kind of writing. I do also consider a writer, someone who is published or working to be so.

  12. Trent Lewin says:

    The Clown is a great goodness in the blog world, he is always interesting. In fact, he is vital now. Bloggers versus writers… a difference in my opinion, as bloggers often write about their personal experiences and writers try hard to pretend that they are not writing about their own experiences.

  13. Do you personally think there is a difference between a blogger and a writer?

    Here’s my take:
    All bloggers are writing but not all writers are blogging. Now does that make all bloggers writers? Who knows – and does it matter? I have always loved writing – I am one who writes; but I’d not style myself as a ‘writer’ (because that does have connotations about publishing a career etc). And at the end of the day; I don’t think it matters. I feel more accurate in saying that most of us are storytellers or one form or another.

  14. I really like the comment from Le Clown about the difference between a blogger/writer is a blogger being able to build a community!

    Maybe I only like it because I have a hard time with this one (building community), and it allows me to tell myself that it is because I’m more of a writer than a blogger. Thanks for the crutch!

    And the realization that my headache is probably induced by lack of coffee. To the kitchen!

  15. Using words to learn more about words, now that’s meta!

    Lol, I just reblog stuff! I find the reblogging hilarious considering that someone knowing of my blog that doesn’t know of Le Clown’s is a virtual impossibility. The hilariousness of the situation is an homage (in the meta sense) to Le Clown’s awesomeness and awesome hilariousness.

    Okay, now I’m just saying things for the sake of saying things.

  16. TJLubrano says:

    Oh gosh.That is such a good question and my head already hurts without even writing my comment yet. I write and I blog. I blog about my art and by this I mean that sometimes I only have pictures to stare at. I write about subjects related to art, like the process and I write even when I’m not blogging. These stories are personal projects still in the making.

    I would say that one is a writer if all you can do is write. You dream about words, you see scenes in everything, you have the urge to share your thoughts on matters that mean something to you. It’s a part of you. It’s a way to organize your mind. It’s a selfish act.

    I’m confusing myself here.

  17. waynelaw says:

    At the risk of appearing to add my own marginal blog to the shameless thread of promotion going on here…thanks for this. I will go back to the stable and attempt to find a worthy steed.

    • Hey now… I patented the whole ‘self-serving shamelessness mixed with abject guilt and feeling sorry for myself to get a few extra hits’ thing, so I think you owe me some royalties…

      • waynelaw says:

        You do have a point and I don’t feel great about my blogging self right now. πŸ™‚ So I think I will try the other route to get a few likes and “just write better stuff” … I was hoping it would not come to that, but alas, that does seem to work for all the superstar bloggers here on WordPress.

        • I will tell you one rather obvious secret… do lots of things. Many people pick one thing to focus on. That means you have to find people who are interested in that one thing. Not me. I do anything that pops into my crazy little head. My challenge is that if anyone randomly opens and reads ten of my posts, they will find something that makes them want to stick around.
          But yes, the best way to achieve anything is to do whatever you do as well as you can, and then go into as many blogs as you can find… I like the humor topic wall in the reader, and just make the most brilliant comments you can. On a day you do a really good post, do more comments. Then people will pop over just to see if you are interesting… or in need of some kind of counseling…

          • waynelaw says:

            Thanks and I am really O.K with the amount of visitors I get right now while I get better at this- there is a certain addictive (compulsive?) vibe about this blogging stuff that has me hooked.
            I guess my goal would be to look and write like a “legit” blogger and the advice you give is appreciated. I will check out the humor section and see if I am crazy enough to fit in:)

            • A lot of people go crazy with tags. Not everything there is funny. But do some creative tagging yourself. Every now and then tag a post with words like ‘boob’ or strippers or sexy… it can’t hurt.

  18. Mooselicker says:

    Le Clown asked a good question. I think it depends on the person. For some people their blog is all they care about writing wise. For others it allows an immediate release. I think it’s that way for any artist.

    What even makes someone a writer though? Do they have to get paid for it? Do they have to have that be their main income source? That seems silly if not because I could just go around playing baseball and say I’m a baseball player even if I’m not really making any money off it. If all I had was my blog then I wouldn’t consider myself a writer. I’m not sure I even do now. I prefer to call myself a Word Engineer.

    Blogger and a writer? Yes there’s a difference. If all you do is blog then you shouldn’t refer to yourself as a blogger, skip right to writer. If you do other things then you can be both. Does that make sense? I pretty much agree with what you said.

  19. Le Clown says:

    But is there a difference between a blogger and a writer? Can a writer be a blogger? Can a blogger be a writer? And your mom.
    Le Clown
    PS: You made me smile today, wanker. More than once.

    • I added a new part at the bottom to try to get people to talk about this more, because it might be important. And you started it. And Yay. And yeah, my mom…
      I think maybe all writers are bloggers but not all blo… no wait… all bloggers are writ… no, that isn’t right either… A few bloggers are writers, and a few writers are bloggers. That sounds right. I don’t know what we can learn from this, but it is making my head hurt.

      • Le Clown says:

        I do consider bloggers different than writers, even though somewhere they both meet. I think bloggers are purveyors of the internet, writing the web, building its pages. I think writers and bloggers use the same medium, writing, and can also use the same canvas (the web). But a blogger, IMHO, can also build community, around the posts published, in the comment threads for example. Could the definition of a blogger be community manager + writer? I think I need another coffee.
        Le Clown

        • Blogging is like a whole universe. And it is a handy way to suck people into the black hole of your writing. It is like Television in a way. There are moments of pure brilliance surrounded by huge mountains of mindless drivel. We just need to sort through it. I hide my gems and diamonds under mounds of poo… but it’s funny poo… so..

      • TJLubrano says:

        Ah Le Clown makes a great statement! Now I’m confused again. I mean, I have a community (of cupcakes), but it’s not centered around the comments in my thread. The community is around my art in general. I suppose it’s different for me as my focus is my art and illustrations huh?

        I don’t knoooow. I should stop killing my brain cells and “gems hidden under mounds of poo” gives a very interesting image in my mind. Sparkly even.

      • I see TJ was a smart head, following PMAO’s (still resist the impulse to make that “P” an “L”) sensible idea and commenting the smart way (in this sense in the right spot -stuffed in between two hunky-thunkies). LMAO, you can trust me to wanna get noticed too by the Clown.
        I gotta say, that was some deep post by you. Funny your comment on Left Clown’s post was almost so sober and clean it was sterile.
        I can’t begin to comment on every thought running through my mind about this post, seeing as I have many of your posts to catch up with, but this was a very good one from you. Take it!

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