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Hey… I think I have a good idea…

No… that’s okay… I will wait until you finish laughing… is that it? Are you done? Okay, here is my idea for selling my novel. I am going to make a lemonade stand… no… go ahead… laugh away… I got … Continue reading

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San Diego… a love/hate thing…

I never planned on living in San Diego. My wife grew up here. When I was a kid we visited my mom’s mother in Mission Beach for a month every summer. I was stationed here for two years in the Navy. It … Continue reading

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Christopher Walken says what???

This may be the coolest thing in the history of this universe. My older daughter Jessica is visiting to help us paint and fix up Mollie’s room because Mollie is going into high school, and she has outgrown the lavender walls. Jessica … Continue reading

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Oh America…

Sometimes I worry about you… On the other hand, the bacon-wrapped, deep-fried pickle spears were awesome. As was the Texas-sized maple and bacon donut. But I don’t like the way the stuffed animal Mollie won is looking at it. And is … Continue reading

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