Go west, young man…

I just heard that Kanye and Kim are having another baby! They named their first baby North… North West… how adorable is that?

I can’t wait to say hello to little Wild Wild.


Dear New Parents,

Stop trying to show us how clever you are by giving your kids witty names. It doesn’t impress anyone. And your kids have to go through life explaining to other kids why they have the names you gave them.

Besides, you are never going to outdo Frank Zappa when it comes to sill names, so please, just give it a rest already.

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39 Responses to Go west, young man…

  1. Max Elliott / Ozzie I pref more than most… He loves his skulls….

  2. I agree! Frankie, he’s the man!

  3. userdand says:

    A rose by any other name would be named any other something or other by someone or other..

  4. joehoover says:

    Agreed, and coming from someone who is actually called Jon, and my parents couldn’t even be bothered with the ‘h’. Maybe I’m just jealous of such an ordinary name.

  5. elroyjones says:

    The species is regressing.

  6. Who on earth are these people of whom you speak?

  7. I know someone her named her kid Zipporah I can guess what her nick name will be for better or worse…lol

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