Hey Hastykid… I have one more post for you…

Have you ever really thought about all the kinds of pets you could have?

a 9 copy

I know you have a dog…

a 3But other kinds of pets could be fun too…

a 3 copy 2Or maybe giant snails are too cute…

a 3 copyYou could have a cow for a pet…

a 11If a cow is too big, you could always get some small ones…

a 1 copyOr maybe a llama… Llamas are adorable…

a 8 copyAs long as we are just being silly, you could get a crazy pet… like Bigfoot…

a 10Or maybe the Loch Ness Monster…

a 7 copyI am glad you didn’t decide to get something really dangerous…a 6 copyI don’t want to get in trouble with your parents.


About pouringmyartout

You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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39 Responses to Hey Hastykid… I have one more post for you…

  1. toad (chris jensen) says:

    Reblogged this on thisoldtoad.

  2. toad (chris jensen) says:

    What sweet man you are only I do like the bad side too

  3. cooper says:

    every kid should have a bigfoot to call their own…

  4. Ha! this got me real cracking up, love it.

  5. Bastet says:

    Great! Thanking hastywords for discovering you!

    • Oh… I thought I existed before she discovered me… ha! Thanks.

      • Bastet says:

        Well…we could get philosophical and ask if the sound of a tree falling exists before it is observed…but I think you’re very correct in saying: you existed before I discovered you thanks to hastywords…my error…I didn’t express myself correctly, for she’s old friends with you… LMAO!!!! You’re welcome!

  6. This is real funny!!!

  7. hastywords says:

    Reblogged this on hastywords and commented:
    I didn’t reblog a post from this dear fried because his antics got his site shut down for a bit but he is seriously funny. His blog is like visiting a comedy show. Here is one I must have missed but I am glad I found it…it made my morning. For awhile he posted pictures of my beautiful girl in silly scenarios. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

  8. brain4rent says:

    This must be a child’s book in the making….love it and the blob fish cupcake

  9. Susan Sassi says:

    Blob Fish!!!!!!!!

  10. ummm who need the self contr cont contro…thingy

  11. ArtQuench says:

    ArtQuench loves these images!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Omg this is awesome. It would make a great children’s picture book! Hastykid now wants a pet cow!!!!

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