The Hastywords war… Part 6…

I know I am getting sidetracked from this whole ‘war’ thing, but she made fun of my modeling career, and I can not let that insult pass!

I actually started modeling at a very young age. Here is a picture of my older brother and I that was used in a JC Penny catalog for their Halloween costume edition…

a 24

Notice that I went with a cool leather jacket, just to set myself apart from all the other kids wearing the same costume.

As a historical note, the 1960’s were not a good time for children when it came to Halloween costume choices. You could buy little outfits like these, which were basically one piece sweat suits with a hood that had ears sewn on them. Or you could buy a cheap plastic mask. Or you could make your own costume. A lot of kids ended up being cardboard robots.

A few years later, some of the Browne boys were used in an article in Average Homes And Gardens, a popular magazine of the times. The article highlighted this trend in homemade costumes. Here are my younger brothers and I as Muslim terrorists, way back before Muslim terrorist costumes became so common…

a 26 The 60’s were a strange time in the world of fashion, as any of you who watch old TV shows know. All four of the Browne boys appeared in a photo in an article in a Psychology study done at the U C Berkeley. Once again I was singled out for special notice. The study was called; An in-depth look at the psychological damage caused to children by forcing them to wear hideous hand-me-down sweaters…

a 12I have no idea why they didn’t do a study about the shirt I was wearing under that sweater… or the haircut my mom obviously gave me… but whatever.

I did make some bad choices early in my modeling career that sort of set me up for trouble in years to come. It is all well and good to sell sex appeal. That is, after all, what we models do. But you sort of want to be careful as to who you are appealing to. Or you end up getting fan mail from some really creepy people. That is what I learned when I was featured in a photo layout in a magazine called Eight And Nine-Year-Old Boys With Six-Pack Abs…

a 7I should have left my shirt on. But in fairness, my brothers all got some creepy fan mail from this job, so maybe it didn’t matter one way or the other. But that mistake pales in comparison to the time I posed for a publication called Sexy Altar Boys…

a 22I was in need of some cash to support my jet setting model lifestyle. I am just glad that I was raised in an Episcopal church. Their priests are much less touchy-feely than those Catholic ones.

I would have to say that, despite the overt sexuality inherent in doing swimsuit covers, my picture for the cover of Sports Illustrated Junior Swimwear Edition, was a milestone of my early modeling years…

a 23

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9 Responses to The Hastywords war… Part 6…

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  2. benzeknees says:

    I well remember the days of weird clothing, some of the outfits I wore, whoo! Some of yours are real winners, I have to say.
    My mother used to make all our Hallowe’en costumes. I remember bunnies where my dad inserted wires into the ears so they stood up, Little Bo Peep where my dad made us staffs out of plumbing fixtures covered in tin foil. I was the older sister, so my poor sister had to wear the costumes twice as long because when she grew out of hers, she got to wear mine!

  3. Ah it’s good to see that sweater/shirt picture again…don’t think I ever saw the terrorist one…it’s the bomb!

  4. hastywords says:

    Lol trying awfully hard to debunk the myth that is PMAO

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