The Hastywords war… Part 2…

I am now at war with my good friend;

(Don’t worry, it isn’t a real war)

First, I would like to say that there is nothing personal in this. Because I started it. I was asking for it. My silly idea to visit your blogs and steal your faces and then Photoshop them and post them on my blog is what led to this whole war thing. And I admit that I did a post of her first, before she retaliated with that post… that one down there that I reblogged on my blog… called THE REAL PMAO… I would also like to say that I am not sensitive about being made fun of. In fact you can see that I delight in making fun of myself. If I didn’t would I have posted pictures of me in monkey feety jammies… (see a post called ‘Warning, this post contains some of the most disturbing images you will ever see…etc… and is featured on my most popular post widget over there on the sidebar)…

So no, this post… or these posts, as it turns out… are not about getting her back for making fun of me. I am just irked that she made up random facts about my life in her post. She didn’t just get the facts wrong. She just pulled them straight out of… thin air.

So I am going to set the record straight.

Here is the picture she did of me as a baby…

a 1This picture could not be wronger. I was adopted as an infant. Even though I am now 6 feet 4 inches tall, weigh 200 pounds and have size 15 feet, I was only about four pounds when I was born. And I had really waxy looking skin. I was not an attractive baby! About the only part she got right was that I did indeed have my trademark mustache…

a 10She also claims that I was hatched out of an egg…

a 2This is just ridiculous. This is an obvious use off photo manipulation software to spread vicious rumors. Like I had bird feathers? Here is my actual birth…

a 2 aSee? That is a completely different kind of egg altogether!

And if my mother really looked like this…

a 3as Hastywords claims, well then… I would probably still be sitting on her lap… and maybe breastfeeding…

I know that none of this will make any sense to you if you didn’t bother to read her post, or follow along with my ‘Steal your face’ series. So go catch up. We will wait for you.

And join me later when I put more of these crazy lies to rest.


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31 Responses to The Hastywords war… Part 2…

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  2. Gray Dawster says:

    A war that is not personal sounds good to me and I am sure that everyone will be eager to see how it all pans out 🙂 Oh and by the way, leave the nipple alone there are a lot more hungry bloggers around here than you think 🙂 lol

    Thank you for sharing this jovial posting
    and do have a gruesomely exciting Thursday 🙂

  3. benzeknees says:

    I think if my mother looked like this I might have an Oedipal complex too!

  4. What an abdorable little alien you were!

  5. We did not need to see your naked baby ass again!

  6. Trent Lewin says:

    I almost gagged on the breastfeeding comment, but I have to say (given your preoccupation with alien species) that the second last picture works for me. Hopefully Sigourney Weaver does not show up and incinerate you.

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