Steal your face… Part 10…

This one is for my friend;

She finally admitted that she had a picture I could use. I am sure that she thinks I am going to do something frightful to her. But I have such an enormous amount of respect for her writing and blogging skills, that I couldn’t bring myself to do anything mean. So I went with silly instead…

a 3She is taking over the world by media assault. She figures out ways to spread her words out into the world through a wide variety of media outlets. I am a little jealous because I am all art-side-of-the-brain and I have no skills at that sort of thing… But I have Photoshop and free time, so…

a 5You will most likely run into some of her work somewhere because she seems to be everywhere these days…

a 4 bBut pop over to her blog… which she is too busy to do much on these days because she is such a media mogul… and if she isn’t there, look for her on Twitter or wherever else it is she goes in the electronicย universes…

a 6 aNow you may be wondering why I did all these pictures of her sitting in cars. Well it might be because this is the picture she gave me to work with…

a 2Drive on, little Diva.

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47 Responses to Steal your face… Part 10…

  1. rjennings10 says:

    !! Words… failing… tunnel vision… must… ask… Can I ride in your Batmobile?!

  2. benzeknees says:

    This was a great take on her transportation needs!

  3. joehoover says:

    This is the best one yet

  4. Gray Dawster says:

    A great posting…

    Your slant on silly works very well, of course I think that if I had
    used the photographs the results would have had a rather ghoulish
    ending, well nicely ghoulish anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

    Have a dark and
    wicked rest of Wednesday…

  5. Jean says:

    Yes, she is really coming up in the world. Just look at that fleet of automobiles all this writing has afforded her! Lucky bitch. Okay, skill has more to do with it than luck . . . Skilled bitch.

  6. Reblogged this on The Cheeky Diva and commented:
    Take a look at what my good friend Art did with my silly little picture. He’s incredible. He took a silly picture and turned it into his own brand of Photoshop hilarity. Thanks so much Art! Please read his blog, buy his book, follow him on Twitter, and make him some cookies.

  7. I laughed so hard when I saw this. This is just too much! Just wait till I show this to Mr. The Cheeky. I just have to reblog this. I hope you don’t mind. Thanks Art. What a great start to my day. I’ll have to be careful driving today. Not sure which badassmobile is best for driving in freezing rain/ice/snow. Yes, it’s the first of May. Ugh. Thanks again!

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